Everyday Should Be Bike to Work Day

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

With international bike to work day soon approaching, people in cities all over the world are getting ready to bike to work, but there’s no reason to limit this great activity to just one day. Biking has incredible health benefits, helping your joints, cardiovascular system, endurance, and your waistline. What’s more a bike to Work Scheme eliminates the need to find extra hours in your daily schedule for exercise and turns expensive or irritating commutes into a pleasant and fun part of your day. Not only that, but bikes remain the most efficient and green mode of transportation possible, helping you to cut down on smog and pollution in your city.

For those who have decided to try biking to work for the first time this week, you might be a bit overwhelmed and confused about exactly what to do. It seems simple enough at first, but there are some understandable reasons why people don’t do it everyday: the weather, your clothes, showering, and what route to take. The truth is that although these concerns can present an issue with biking, there’s really no reason to let it stand in your way. Here are some helpful tips and tricks on biking to work, making it easier to turn everyday into bike to work day.


For many people, biking to work while its still winter seems crazy, but for dedicated cyclists in snowy Colorado, the weather is no excuse. Some recommendations for dealing with unfavorable conditions include getting a more rugged mountain bike that has enough traction to handle any road, buying wool glove liners to protect your hands, and pairing wool socks with waterproof boots. Putting on extra layers of clothes will also help to keep you warm as you zip through the cold air.


Probably one of the biggest concerns for anyone on their way to work is what should I wear? It does add a bit of a challenge to your daily wardrobe dressing for exercise and the office at the same time, which is why you shouldn’t! Plan out your week’s wardrobes in advance and drop them at your office over the weekend. That way everything you need to look professional is waiting for you when you hop off your bike.


Some people might be lucky enough to have a working shower waiting form them at their work facilities, but even if you don’t, that shouldn’t be a reason to avoid cycling all together. If you’ve planned in advance and have a fresh change of clothes waiting for you along with a towel, deodorant, and even some talcum powder, you should be feeling fresh enough for the boardroom.


Another way to ensure that cycling to work doesn’t pose any major problems is through careful planning of your routes. Take a leisurely ride through your neighborhood, finding the flattest, quickest ways. It’s also a great idea to come up with a plan B in case of emergency or a sudden blizzard, but for the most part paying careful attention and thinking about your week in advance should adequately prepare you to get the benefits of cycling every day of the week.