Decorating a Rustic Home

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Everything rustic has a charm of its own. Farmhouse chic or rustic chic really caught on in the past couple of years with many of us yearning to have the warmth, coziness, comfort and simplicity of a simpler lifestyle in our home.

Rustic charm need not be limited to pallet shelves and string rope artifacts alone. A stunning rustic décor can also be achieved by incorporating elements which are personal favorites to you, and blending them in with your existing décor to ooze countryside charm.

Rustic décor needs to be understated and simple. If you overdo it, the décor will look unnatural, contrived and stifling. So try to keep it minimal and bring in the accents in as subtle a manner as possible.
Your bedroom is where you spend the most time in a day. So let’s see how you can bring in the homely feel in your most favorite room.


One of the easiest ways to add in rustic elements is by bringing them into upholstery.

Linen speaks simplicity. Discard synthetic and artificial fibers and fabrics.

Go for natural and safe materials for your upholstery and bedding.

Linen bed sheets are not only safe and hygienic, but are also very comfortable and soft to touch. Linen is environmentally friendly, breathable, allergen free, bacteria resistant and gentle on the skin. If you have young children at home linen fabrics are the best choice you can make for kids bedrooms. Linen is rustic chic and endows a unique country charm to your bedroom.

Rustic bedding sets that have primitive country décor themes are very popular and trending right now. Natural tones and earthy hues, and motifs depicting the wilderness, countryside features and natural landscape are also favored by leading designers and interior decorators.

Bespoke rustic style furniture is available in most home décor stores. But if you are not keen for new buys or a change, there are quite a few things you can do to make your seating arrangements look rural.

Pleasing and easy-on-the-eye colors like powder blue and green are suitable for countryside decor. Place throw pillows in these colors on your sofa to bring in a natural and warm feel to your room.

Easy-chairs made of pine, oak or recycled wood will also be suitable for rustic bedroom. There are plenty of DIY options also for you to try out. This DIY coffee table is a good weekend project for those keen to try out something on their own, and what about this rustic headboard?

Curtains and blinds also require your attention. It is important that you choose fabrics that go with the overall color palette of your room.

Choose fabrics that have earthy tones and countryside motifs. Leaves, livestock, flowers and meadows are very often embroidered, printed or sewn into window treatments. They are not exactly statement decorations, but are sublime references to country living that will help dress up your windows the rustic way.


Quilts exude warmth and lived-in feel. To get the most beautiful rustic décor, invest in a few quality quilts. Even if you do not have a rustic themed bed sheet on your bed a quilt with a bear motif can more than makeup for that.

Rustic quilts, comforters and bedding sets feature motifs, prints and patterns of woodlands, rivers and lakes. You can choose quilts that have traditional patchwork designs or are accentuated with beauty of nature like camouflage prints, or designs of country wildlife like deer, moose, horse, bear, salmon or elk.

Moose and dear designs are very popular rustic décor themes. Cabin and lodge décor, and cowboy themes are also options that you can consider.


Rugs in rustic accents give countryside charm to your interior décor. They often feature motifs like pine cone, bear, antler, moose, horse and rider, hunting imagery and fish.

If you browse through online interior design sites you will see that sheepskin and cowhide rugs are common in rustic interiors, and Northern and Aspen wilderness are popular motifs.

Choose appropriate rugs that you can place under the coffee table, use as area rugs or as the main carpet in your bedroom.
Braided, weaved and hooked wool rugs will all work well in your rustic-themed bedroom. Make sure they go with your overall interiors and do not overdo the motifs.

For example, if you have bear motifs on your bedding set, choose rugs that have landscape or woodland motifs. It would not be easy for you to work out combinations quickly. Spend some time, browse through online stores and settle for designs that complement each other.


If you want a rustic looking wardrobe it is best to get one made from recycled or refurbished wood. They look distressed and match the barn/lodge décor you aim for.

If you have a wooden wardrobe you can get a professional to work on it to give the desired rustic look to it.
Rustic focuses on using ecofriendly and biodegradable materials. Rustic way of living also emphasizes recycling, repurposing and responsible buying behavior. A simple living requires you to do the best with what you have and de-clutter your home and life of unwanted, unused and unnecessary stuff.

So purge your closet and only keep things that you know you will use. Donate or trash all unwanted items.

Organize your closet neatly. Invest in a few sets of quality bamboo hangers from Only Hangers. Not only are they functional and durable, but are also eco-friendly.

Other Knickknacks

Your bedroom should be a safe, secure and comfortable haven. Soothing and subtle color schemes encourage romance and intimacy.

Do not clutter the room and suffocate it. Earthy hues are calming and stress relieving. Potted plants and flowers are also good in bedrooms. But keep all accents and other decorations minimum, and allow for plenty of space.

Open space provides freedom to think, feel and see things more clearly. It helps you feel a sense of ownership of the place. Allow your partner to bring in his/her favorite photograph or painting, and you can keep your favorite wrought iron chandelier that is cabin elegance at its best.

Rustic charm is a way of life that is benevolent, kind and gentle. It simplifies simplicity and rural goodness. It is the best look you can give your bedroom and is easy to achieve and not very expensive. So for your next home re-decorating adventure you know what to do!