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Sunday, December 14, 2014

"This is a sponsored post, I am a Sears blogger, though all opinions are my own."

I am going to be painfully and embarrassingly honest. I completely destroyed my first vehicle because I did not understand anything about vehicle fluids. I knew enough to put fuel into the tank. Yet, after that, I knew nothing. So, my first vehicle had a shorter life than it should have had.

As a part of the #SACRoadWarriors team, I have the opportunity to get a more in-depth look at vehicle maintenance. I had a great time visiting Sears Auto Center last week and getting an in-depth explanation of all the fluids your engine needs and why it needs them. I usually leave all of our vehicle maintenance up to Dan. I don't really have the time for it and he enjoys keeping vehicle records, checking different levels of this and that, making his spreadsheet, etc... I appreciate him for doing all of this. I would rather focus on the driving and traveling done with the vehicles. But my trip to Sears Auto Center was eye-opening. I need to pay more attention to the needs of the vehicle that I cart my family around in. I need to take care of it. When you think about it, we pay a lot of money for vehicles and put a lot of precious cargo in it daily. So, it only makes sense! Let's get to learning about engine fluids!

What’s the Deal with Differential Fluid?

That was the first question of the day. Say what? I have no idea! But, apparently, something is... different?? Well, it turns out that Differential Fluid is what keeps your Differential running smoothly and properly.

The Differential is a part of the Drivetrain and helps to evenly distribute power between each of your vehicle's wheels. As you take a turn, each wheel will have a different distance in which to turn and travel - hence the 'differential'. The fluids which keep this operating smoothly are very often overlooked. In my case, I'm not sure I had ever even heard the term "Differential Fluids". I knew what the Drivetrain was and the Differential but never knew to check the specific fluids that are required for that portion of the vehicle.

Transmission Fluid: The Other Dipstick

I'm happy to say that I did know about Transmission Fluid. Yet, I admit that I have never given much thought to checking or changing it. Since having killed my first car, I do know to check the motor oil. However, checking the other dipstick never crosses my mind.

The Transmission Fluid lubricates and cools your transmissions internal parts which helps the gears to smoothly shift and prevent damage. If not properly maintained, you can damage your transmission and that can will be an expensive part to replace.

Did you know: Transmission fluid also acts as the hydraulic fluid needed to power your vehicle.

Depending on the age of a vehicle, it may be difficult to quickly locate the Transmission Fluid dipstick. Do you think it is easily found on the vehicle below?

What's the difference between Coolant and Anti-Freeze?

Oh, trick question! They sound like extreme opposites, don't they? They are, in fact, the same exact thing. Depending on what time of year it is - you'll call it by a different name. Summer, call it Coolant. Winter, call it Anti-Freeze.

Coolant. Antifreeze. Radiator fluid. While each of these terms may sound very different, the fact is they all describe the same fluids that are critical to keeping your vehicle and its cooling system hydrated. Given its importance, one would think vehicle owners would carefully monitor and maintain the levels and quality of this fluid in their cars and trucks. However, the U.S. Department of Transportation claims that one of the leading causes of breakdowns on our highways is mechanical failures within vehicle cooling systems.

This, this fluid was the undoing of my first vehicle. The coolant/anti-freeze! I don't even want to begin explaining how much I didn't know about car care when I was 17 years old. But I will say this. Water is not the same thing and does not do the same job as coolant! It just doesn't.

It's also important to maintain your fuel system! To ensure your fuel system continues to operate effectively, consult your vehicle manufacturer service guide for recommended fuel system cleaning intervals

I can't wait for the next trip to my local Sears Auto Center! They've been a great help in teaching me how to maintain various aspects of my vehicle and I can't wait to see what they teach me in January. Stay tuned!

Remember to take a glance at that very important book which is probably getting dusty in your glove compartment. It will let you know the recommendations for fluid changes on your specific vehicle. Need to schedule an appointment at Sears Auto to have your fluids checked? Click here to get started!

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