7 Exciting Holiday Gift Ideas For the Whole Family

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Do you have a tough time shopping for gifts? When it comes time for the holidays and you're racking your brain trying to make the gift-giving fair between family members, there's a solution: get a gift for the whole family that everyone can enjoy. Check out these ideas below.


Whether there's already a tablet in your home or not, another can never hurt. Buying one for the whole family can be a great alternative to buying a tablet for each one of your children. This is especially a great idea if you have little ones not quite old enough for their own device but still like to play games and learn on a tablet.

If you don't have a tablet at home, this will open you up to numerous handy apps. If you do have one, buying one for the family will free up your own so that you can have a private one while the kids enjoy a shared one. The iPad mini 3 is a good choice if you're an Apple lover. If you're an Android fan, consider the Google Nexus 9.

Sports Table

If your house is packed with guys, then you've probably had a tough time trying to come up with gift ideas for men. Good news! Your search is over. If your guys can't get enough of hockey, soccer, or tennis, even during the off-season, bring the sports inside with an air hockey, fooseball, or ping pong table. The good news? There are lots of models that feature multiple games in one. You'll have everyone gathered around the table ready to challenge each other in no time.

Ice Cream Maker

Everyone in your family is bound to benefit from new kitchen appliances. Why not make it something fun that will draw the kids into the kitchen and give them something to enjoy, too? You could start by exploring ice cream maker models. Or, if your family isn't big on ice cream, perhaps your kids would enjoy a cotton candy maker or even a popcorn popper.

Season Passes

Wherever you family likes to go often whether it's the zoo, a nearby museum, a sports arena, or an aquarium give your family the gift of experience this year by purchasing family season passes to one of your favorite places nearby. Not only will you family be glad that visiting will be a sure thing this coming season, but you can end up saving a lot of money depending on how often you go to places like this.


If you're on a tight budget this year and are looking for a super cheap gift for the whole family, a $35 Chromecast device is a great gift. Plug it into your TV's HDMI port and essentially turn your TV into a smart TV. With this little device, you can connect to the TV through smartphone and tablet apps like Netflix or Pandora to stream music, movies, and more through a wireless connection.

Board Games

Board games are another cheap option for the entire family. These more traditional games get the family interacting while eliminating the high cost of modern gaming consoles and tablets. Among some of the best selling games, you might consider buying Connect 4, Sorry, Trouble, and Life. If your family is all a bit older, games like Clue, Cranium, and Apples to Apples might be more appropriate.


Perhaps your kids have been begging you for that Hulu Plus subscription so they can watch their favorite shows as soon as they come out. Or maybe your family could use an Amazon Prime membership to gain access to movies or books through the Kindle Owner's Lending Library. Whatever membership you think you family could use, give them the gift of a subscription this holiday season. The good news is that subscriptions like this are usually quite affordable for families.

Buying something for the whole family will bring smiles to everyone's faces and save you money on buying more individual gifts. Which one of these ideas will you go with this holiday season?