26 Yummy Cookies and Bars for the Holidays!

Monday, December 15, 2014

It's time to start baking for the holidays! I enjoy baking pies, breads and other delicious treats in the fall, but in the winter it's all about cookies and bars! This year, we'll be testing a few new recipes and making our the traditional sugar and chocolate chip cookies. We'll also be making our house favorite, buckeyes! They aren't cookies or bars, but they are oh so yummy!

When the kids were younger, they weren't big fans of gingerbread. It was a bit too 'spicy' for them. I'm hoping that this year, their tastes will have change enough to enjoy these delicious and beautiful gingerbread cut out cookies!

For Dan, I think he may enjoy the Italian Christmas cookies. They look so light and sweet!

I love sugar cookies. A lot. I can't pass them up and I'm so disappointed when they aren't yummy. I have a difficult time getting them as sweet and soft as I want. So I'm going to try this recipe for Buttery Cut-Out Sugar Cookies W/ Icing That Hardens. The kids will enjoy making these as they love anything they get to shape. We have around 200 cookie cutters and this turns into an all afternoon project. So much fun!

I'm deciding whether or not I want to make the Caramel Cookie Cheesecake Bars and take them to the family Christmas party. They look so good, but I'm not sure I really want to share them. Though, it is always fun having bringing the dessert that disappears the quickest, isn't it?

Which recipe below would you take to a family get-together? Maybe I'll make and take what you suggest!

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