Tire Maintenance & $50 Giveaway with Sears Auto Center!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

"This is a sponsored post, I am a Sears blogger, though all opinions are my own."

Though I love vehicles - driving them,admiring them, talking about them - there is a lot of information that I simply don't know. I thought I knew about tire maintenance, until a recent trip to Sears Auto Center. There's an entire world around tires, how to care for them and how to choose them. Since I do a lot of traveling - I'm extremely grateful for finally having all of this explained to me.

I'm loving being a part of the #SACRoadWarriors team and getting to spend time with the crew at my local Sears Auto Center. They have been amazing and on my first trip walked me through their Vehicle Intake process and the necessities of tire maintenance. When you bring your vehicle to Sears Auto Center, they will perform a Courtesy Inspection - courtesy means it's free! During the Courtesy Inspection they will check things such as belts and hoses, fluids, filters, tire wear and tear amongst other things.

Now, here is where I learned that tire maintenance is far more extensive than most of us know.  Tires are such a critical part of your vehicle and maintaining them properly is a must.  I knew that I should check the air pressure in my tires and have them rotated (about every 5,000 miles) and that they should generally look as if they are in good condition.

Signs of an impending blowout can include:

  • Bulges in the tire
  • Cracking in the sidewall of the tire
  • Low/no tread. Tread is lower than 2/32 of an inch deep.
  • Incorrect tire pressure

Did you know that where you live can play a large role in how you maintain your tires?  Here, in Indiana, the weather is cold, them warm, then oh so humid - this does a number on your tires and can cause pressure to fluctuate.

There are many other things to check when maintaining your tires. I never knew there was a difference in the tires between my sedan and my mini-van. They need different size tires for different purposes.  Every tire that is produced, has an intended purpose.  It's made for a specific type of vehicle and conditions.  Your vehicle's manual will let you know what size of tire it requires.  The tires will have its size printed on its sidewall.  The Sear's Tire Size Decoded information is very helpful in finding out if you have the right tires!  On a side note, I did know that large trucks needed different tires than my sedan - so, I guess I wasn't completely in the dark.   

 Here in Indiana, winter is on its way.  This means that you need to check the tread on your tire and perhaps even buy winter tires.  Did you that it's possible to buy your snow tires too early and wear the tread down too fast that way?  See, so much to know!

All-season tires are built to handle a variety of weather conditions, everything from dry roads to wet roads and light snow. However, the rubber with which all-season tires are made is not intended to withstand extreme cold. All-season tires can harden in low temperatures, lessening the traction between your tires and the road.

Winter tires, on the other hand, use special rubber compounds that stay pliable in the cold to give them better grip and improved braking capabilities, even in extreme conditions. Also called snow tires, winter tires are built specifically to perform in winter conditions like severe cold, ice, slush and snow. They use siping, a series of slits in the tread, to increase the number of edges that make contact with the ground. Greater tread depth allows for flexing and helps channel snow and slush across the tire’s surface, away from the contact patch.


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