Pirate Pursuit - Holiday Toy List

Friday, November 28, 2014

This past summer, we took a short ride on a "pirate ship" during our beach vacation. Ever since then, Joey has been fascinated with anything and everything pirate. So, he was excited when Pirate Pursuit arrived.

Pirate Pursuit is a pirate track game with a wind-up pirate galleon to sail around the treasure island. Be the first player to fill your loot bag with coins from the treasure chest before the pirates catch up with you in their galleon! For 2 to 4 players. Contents: game board, wind-up pirate galleon, 4 loot bag boards, 24 play coins, 4 pirate counters with stands, dice, dice shaker, guide.

Each players chooses a character and a loot bag. The goal is to fill your loot bag with coins first. Players take turns rolling the die and moving across the board trying to collect coins and not lose any!

We often do a family-game-night with the extended family. I think I'll take this along next time for the children to play! Want to try Pirate Pursuit? You can find it on

Random Like: You know how a lot of board games fold up and fit inside their box? I thought it was neat that the Pirate Pursuit board went together and disassembled like a puzzle! Four pieces fit together to make the board and are then easily taken apart for storage. It always drives me nuts when a board game finally breaks in half from overuse or misuse. I thought that was a neat way of designing the game board.

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