SpyX Roll-In Spy Bug and Long Range Walkie Talkies

Monday, October 6, 2014

Joey believes that he is crafty, clever and sneaky. At the age of 7, he hasn't mastered being crafty enough to fool mom and dad but he enjoys it. As sneaky as he is, or believes himself to be, I wasn't sure if he would fully enjoy a set of SpyX toys. They were something that I would have loved as a kid but I didn't know if kids these days were really into walkie talkies and spying on their parents. Oh was I wrong. So wrong.
We recently received a pair of SpyX Long Range Walkie Talkies and a SpyX Roll-In Spy Bug. The first day, Savannah and Joey played with the walkie talkies nonstop. They hid from each other and used them in the basement. They took them outside and pretended to be on a secret mission of some sort. At night, they took them to bed and chatted for a bit before mom and dad decided it was time to sleep.

I guess that with the use of cell phones, I hadn't imaged that kids would find walkie talkies so neat. The SpyX Long Range Walkie Talkies have become a prized toy. I like that it's something they can play with together, bond and create memories. I also like that it helps to expand their imaginative play.

It was also nice to bring them along when I run on a local track. It kept the kids busy as they ran around and tested the signal strength and began a new "mission". Unfortunately, the walkie talkies did not work from one end of our small town to the other end. They were disappointed in that - but hey, from one end of the neighborhood to the other was pretty good.

They also had a lot of fun with the SpyX Roll-In Spy Bug.  Oh how sneaky they thought they were when they'd slowly place it in the room where adults were and sliver out the door.  Their giggles and laughter were priceless.  The SpyX Roll-In Spy Bug was pretty interesting.  They could place or roll the bug in it's desired location and then, using the receiver, listen to conversation up to 50 feet away.