Conner Prairie - Interactive History Park

Friday, October 3, 2014

Last week, the kids and I took a field trip to Conner Prairie in Fishers, Indiana. As a child, I always enjoyed stepping back in time with a visit to Conner Prairie. That was a field trip experience I looked forward to and was excited to have several teachers who took us to visit the park.

Conner Prairie is an interactive history park - which means you are able to get involved and have a more hands-on experience while learning about the past. Employees within the park are dressed in period appropriate attire and speak as if they are living in that era. This helped to "open up" history for Joey. He began to better grasp the idea that not everyone has lived how we experience life. No cell phones? No computers? No cars or video games? No running water? It was neat to watch as Joey began to process the thought of not having certain possessions or conveniences.

They were able to experience how life was different in Indiana all those years ago. They were amazed that people cooked their meals over a fire. Joey thinks it's neat when I cook our meals over a fire when we're camping and now wants me to cook every meal that way.  Oh dear! 

The kids watched a blacksmith go about his daily work and listened as he explained is trade. They spoke with early settlers to Indiana and got an inside look at what their homes were like.

They were also able to experience a brief moment of how school would have been in those days and what types of toys the children would have owned. Savannah and Joey both enjoyed the simple game of hoop rolling. I loved watching them pick it up with ease and begin having fun.

I'm not sure which experience the kids found most memorable. They've told everyone about their ride in a hot air balloon, joining the military, walking on stilts and going to school.

You can view all of our pictures in the slideshow below.

Conner Prairie is a great place to visit if you're in the Indianapolis area.  It's a fun field trip idea and a nice way to spend the day with your children.  

Conner Prairie also offers fun events and activities throughout the year. I'm looking forward to taking them to the Headless Horseman activities this month!  I loved going to that when I was younger and hope they enjoy it just as much.