Why Choose UPVC Doors?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Replacing your front door will completely change the exterior of your home and give you a fresh new design. It can be daunting to tackle the sheer range of choices and decide which type of door is right for you, but UPVC doors are a great modern option for your home as they strike the perfect balance between style and practicality. Here’s a look at some of the reasons UPVC doors could be the right choice for you.


UPVC is a really versatile material and can easily be molded to fit any size or shape needed – the malleability of the material also means that it can often be cheaper and easier to install than more traditional alternatives. Some people are concerned that UPVC doors only come in one color or style that might not fit with the aesthetic of their home, but this could not be further from the truth. Companies like Dunster House offer different styling options so you can pick something to match the design scheme of your home. If you choose to have a door with windows, you can rest assured that noise won’t be an issue – double glazing is well known for its ability to reduce intrusive noise from the outdoors by as much as half!

Energy Efficiency

There are several different types of UPVC door. Solid UPVC doors are exactly what they sound like and are the strongest option. Composite UPVC doors however offer additional thermal insulation as they’re filled with another material – usually a special type of foam. These will keep the heat in your home and help you to be more energy efficient, so are a great choice if you know your home can be a bit drafty. Whichever type of door you go for, installing UPVC doors are a way of achieving the dream of lower energy bills! Make sure if you have windows in your doors that they’re double-glazed or ‘A’ rated – otherwise you could be losing heat through them.


We all worry about keeping our home secure, and installing UPVC doors can be a great way to ease this concern. They provide a greater level of home security compared to traditional wooden doors as they’re created using metal, so they’re incredibly difficult to break down or force open. You can choose what type and how many locks you want or need, so you can relax whether you’re at home or away.