Summer is over and we are back in school!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Though Summer hasn't technically ended, our Summer schedule has and we are now back into our homeschool routine. I'm always excited to begin a new school year, but sad to say 'goodbye' to our Summer fun. I think this past Summer was one of our busiest and most enjoyable.

It seems as if we spent half of our Summer at the ballpark. Savannah loves softball and played her final year in Rookie League. Joey isn't as big of a fan of baseball - but played another year in the Rookie League as well.

We started the Summer with a family-vacation to Destin, Florida where we had a very fun and relaxing week on the beach. It was of course, a very long drive from Indiana to Florida. So, Savannah took her Acer C720P Chromebook! Her Chromebook has become one of her go-to items for learning new things as well as entertainment.  When she found out that we were going to Florida - she used the Acer C720P Chromebook to research information about our destination.  The Chromebook went in her busy-bag for entertainment and came in handy when we spent a rainy evening in the condo.

We also made several trips to Kings Island and Cedar Point!  Both are amazingly, fun amusement parks in Ohio.   We all enjoy the coasters, thrill rides and water parks that they have to offer.

Joey loves trains - and we were able to take a short ride on another train this past Summer. It's always so much fun. I'm constantly amazed at the number of kids that are so interested in locomotives.

We also learned a lot!  Though we don't have homeschool classes during the Summer months - we encourage a lifestyle of learning.  Access to information on the internet has helped fuel our children's hunger for knowledge and the desire to know how things work.  Savannah loves learning new things and having the Chromebook has really opened the door for her to learn more on the various subjects that interest her. She has spent a lot of time researching information on Laura Ingalls Wilder and Abraham Lincoln. And we can't forget Minecraft. Minecraft made its way into our home this Summer. Using her Chromebook, Savannah has found a lot of tips and information about this new favorite game.

Now that school is back in full-swing, Savannah is using the Chromebook to begin collecting information for her home-state project. I've been looking forward to this project since we began to homeschool. In fourth grade, I also had to complete a project gathering information on my home-state - Indiana. Now, Savannah gets to explore her state. We plan to travel to various historic locations throughout the state for this project and use the Chromebook to help us with this journey.

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