Review: Fitness and motivation with the funtastic Runtastic!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Over the past few months, I have been keeping track of my fitness routine with Runtastic. What's Runtastic? I'm thrilled that you've asked - and I barely know where to begin!

Runtastic is a family of apps that track your workouts whether it be running, cycling, skiing or walking. In fact, they track more than just that short list. I'm routinely using the original Runtastic Pro, Road Bike Pro, Pedometer Pro, Squats Pro, Push-Ups Pro, Sit-Ups Pro and Six Pack.  You can view all of their available apps here.

The Runtastic app tracks sports and fitness activities – such as running, jogging, biking and walking – utilizing GPS technology to help you build healthy lifestyle habits and reach exercise goals! What’s more? Runtastic has recently been revamped to enhance your user experience! Take Runtastic out for a run and enjoy our new and improved app design and navigation, optimized features and new functionality.

When I first began reviewing Runtastic, I had no idea the depth of their network. I assumed it was much like other apps that I rotate between using when I run. It's not. Runtastic makes it possible to compare my workout history with my current sessions. It tracks my records and even sends me an encouraging email when I've set new personal records. Runtastic tracks distance, average speed, elevation, calories burned, pace and duration

At the moment, I'm exclusively using Runtastic apps to track my workouts and using to record my sessions.  Though I'm a very active person - I think that Runtastic has encouraged me to be even more active.  It's encouraging to get an email from Runtastic letting me know that I've set another personal record.  I also love the weekly email letting me know know how much I've been active compared to previous weeks.  It always sends me straight to to compare my workouts and the notes I left about the session.  Was it sunny, rainy or humid the day I broke a personal record?  What notes did I leave on the workout that took me a bit longer to complete? 

I've found new "excuses" to be active. I'm always turning daily activities into an opportunity to work out (such as making the bed can be an abdominal workout) - but now, I've started to take over other household work that I had typically left alone. I think that Dan has enjoyed my volunteering to push-mow our lawn so that I can test the Pedometer Pro app and track my steps.  I had never once considered the amount of steps or mileage I could cover in doing this activity.  Now, I'm disappointed if I see that he has cut the grass before I've had a chance to get to it.

If you decide to check out Runtastic - add me as a friend!  Runtastic allows you to cheer each other on during workouts.  I love this feature!  I feel that I do better when I have people encouraging me to stay fit and this is such a neat thing to be able to do when you see that your friends are out and working hard to get fit or stay fit.

*I was provided the use of various Runtastic Pro apps and a Gold Membership for review purposes. As always, opinions are my own. Please read my disclosure policy here.