Effortless Meals with Walmart & Coca Cola

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Thank you to Coca-Cola for sponsoring this post!

Summer is the busiest time of year for our family.  I always, naively, believe that Summer will be relaxing and I'll have time to try a dozen new recipes and bake all sorts of pies.  Yet - somehow - life always gets in the way.  We have baseball games nearly four nights a week, family reunions, vacations, special trips - and the list goes on.

It's also a little bit more difficult for me to want to be in the kitchen planning and preparing a large meal each night during the Summer.  I've little time to do it - and I'd rather spend as much time outdoors with the kids as I possibly can.  These days go by much too quickly!

So, my time and energy are each stretched to the limit during this time of year.  That's why I've very much enjoyed having the opportunity to take advantage of the Effortless Meals from Coca-Cola and Walmart.  I think it actually spoiled me - just a little.

Coca-Cola and Walmart introduce "effortless meals", a delicious, easy and affordable meal solution for busy moms everywhere. Located exclusively in the Walmart Deli.

Busy day at the ballpark?  No time to make a meal?  Would rather spend an extra hour at the park than go home and prep for dinner?  No problem!  Stop by Walmart, pick up a Rotisserie Chicken Meal (my favorite), a Pizza Meal (the kid's favorite) or a Sandwich Meal.  Remember to add a Coca-Cola to unlock My Coke Rewards Bonus Points!

The Effortless Meals were also great for impromptu trips to the park. Meaning, I hadn't planned ahead and had not prepared any type of picnic-type foods.  The kids and I could quickly run into Walmart, choose our favorite sandwich with chips and Coca-Cola - then head to the park for an afternoon of fun!

We also took several trips this Summer and used the Effortless Meals to help with our food budget during travel.  It was cheaper for us to grab an Effortless Meal (and faster) than other places we might have chosen to eat.  We could pick up a wraps, salads, chicken and take it back to our hotel for a night 'in'.  It's nice having another budget-friendly food option to add to our travel ideas.  Savannah and Joey weren't sure if they would enjoy the wraps - but they loved them and keep asking me to make them at home! 

If you're a part of the My Coke Rewards program - make sure to bundle your meals to Unlock MCR Bonus Points!