16 Delicious Seafood Dishes

Friday, August 1, 2014

Check out 16 Delicious Seafood Dishes
by Tiffany Noth at Foodie.com

I have been craving seafood.  We recently vacationed at the beach - and we never ended up locating a seafood restaurant that had just what I wanted.  So, all Summer - I've been on the hunt for amazing seafood dishes.  We enjoy crab dip and grilled salmon - but I've decided to throw a few more recipes into the mix. I've put together a delicious collection of Seafood Dishes on Foodie that I am hoping to try.

I'm excited to try the Seafood Risotto. Risotto with mushrooms has become a favorite of mine over the past year and I'm dying to try it with seafood. I'm sure Dan would enjoy this as well.

I absolutely love crab cakes and can't wait to give these Impossibly Easy Mini Crab Cake Pies a try! Speaking of crab - this lasagna recipe calls for a mix of king crab, shrimps and scallops. I imagine that this will also be a delicious dish!

I'm saving the Classic Maritime Seafood Chowder recipe for this Fall and Winter. I don't usually choose soups and chowders for Summer - so this will be a great addition to the menu for those more chilly of days.

Though Risotto has become a recent favorite - my number one seafood entree of choice has always been a Shrimp Alfredo. This Creamy Seafood Alfredo will probably be the first recipe that I try. I have not previously made my own Alfredo sauce but am looking forward to learning something new!

With these recipes - it looks like I may be able to satisfy that craving for seafood! What seafood recipes are your favorite?

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