10 Health Benefits of Cycling - Guest Post

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Cycling is tremendous fun for everyone from the youngest child to those that have reached retirement age. Not only are you doing something that is enjoyable, but you will also find that there are numerous health benefits that go along with cycling.

Get Rid of Unwanted Weight

As you likely know, taking up cycling is a great way to work off those unwanted calories and improve your waistline. If you decide to cycle for extended periods of time while making use of training aids like jawbone you will benefit to your health. Studies have shown that steady cycling can help people burn up to 300 calories per hour.

Improve Your Muscle Tone

Although you may not see much of a difference in your arms, your legs will certainly improve in terms of muscle tone.   With extended periods of cycling you will find that your legs will become quite noticeably toned. If you decide to stand up while pedaling off and on while you're cycling, you'll also find that your lower back and abs will also see great results.

Improve Your Joints

When you are cycling, the motion of pedaling is a constant up and down, which gives your knee and hip joints quite a workout. The motion of pedaling not only helps to lubricate the joints it also helps to strengthen them as well.

Cardiovascular Improvements

You simply cannot deny it, becoming a cyclist will lead to tremendous improvements in your overall cardiovascular health in addition to your endurance. Studies have shown that you can experience up to an 8% increase in your endurance after a month of consistently getting on a bicycle and cycling at least 30 minutes per day. Training tools can help monitor your progress.

Improved Co-ordination

Not only will you see improvement in your muscle tone, you'll also see improvement in the coordination that it takes to keep those muscles working in constant motion. This is especially important if you happen to cycle in heavy traffic and are moving between vehicles. You'll see a great improvement of your body-to-eye coordination.

Get Rid of Stress

You'll find that almost any physical activity is going to be a proven stress-reliever and there is no exception when it comes to cycling. The consistent exercise combined with muscle fatigue and calorie-burning abilities will all play a big contribution to reducing the overall stress levels that you experience.

Sleep Better

Because of the extensive physical activity that you will experience during the period of time that you're cycling during the day you will find that you'll be able to sleep better at night. Studies have been conducted on people that had a hard time sleeping; when they took up cycling for at least 30 minutes per day, they went to sleep in half the time than those who didn't take up cycling.

Reduce the Chance of Disease

When you take up cycling you'll be lowering the chance of you becoming sick while improving your overall health. Cycling will keep your heart in great health and reduce the chances of cardiovascular diseases by a significant amount. 

Improved Motivation

When you take part in any type of physical activity, cycling included, you will be helping to boost your overall energy levels and the amount of motivation that you have. You'll have excellent results in this area if you are a very productive cyclist as you'll begin to feel much more confident about your skills due to the fact that you will eventually be able to cycle for longer periods of time than when you first started out as a cyclist.

Positive Behavior

You'll be taking part in a positive and productive hobby that you are able to do as many times if you like without any type of negative side effects.

As you can see there are many great benefits to cycling, so if you are looking for a great way to get some exercise and improve your overall health cycling is definitely worth looking into.