Lundby Smaland Dollhouse

Thursday, July 31, 2014

We are loving our new Lundby Smaland Dollhouse! This modern living dollhouse comes with the most gorgeous wall and floor patterns as well as being pre-wired for electric! This amazing feature allowed us to light the house with hanging lamps, floor lamps and a bathroom vanity.

The Smaland comes with 6 rooms, a stair case, windows that open and a balcony with french doors! Separate room kits are available to match your style and allow the kids to feel as if they are decorating a real modern home.

Savannah, who is 9 years old, loved decorating and organizing each room. The rooms contain so much detail, from the floor to the ceiling. One room had soft, plush carpet - while checkered patterns and designs made to look like wood-flooring were in the other rooms.

Not only are the rooms detailed - but so are the decorative items you can purchase to adorn your Smaland Dollhouse. The kitchen appliances are modern and the furniture is trendy. Everything looks like something you would walk into a store to purchase for your own home.

Savannah has spent hours playing with the Smaland Dollhouse - and Joey has enjoyed it as well.  I think the amount of accessories that are available really amazed the kids.  They loved the small toothbrushes, cups, flowers, picture frames, flat screen television - just to name a few!

I believe you can even buy additional rooms to place underneath the six original rooms - as well as a garden to attach on the outside. Lundby has really thought of everything! Make sure and browse all their room kits to find what fits your child's style and imagination! They will love the details of the Smaland Dollhouse!

I was provided with a Lundby Smaland Dollhouse for review purposes. As always, opinions are my own.
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