Saving time and money with Target pharmacy!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

I’m almost certain that with each passing day – my life grows increasingly busier than the day before. There are always another dozen or so items being added to my To-Do list and extra errands that need completed. Budgeting my time and money is necessary. It has also become well-honed skill.

I prefer to combine as many tasks as I can so that I can better make use of my time. I use Savannah’s piano lesson time to answer e-mails and update my planner. I use drive-time to begin thinking about future meal schedules and fun family activities.

Speaking of meal planning, I love when I can combine two tasks that seem to take more time: shopping and prescription filling. I use to dread any moment where I would have to drop off a prescription and wait for it to be filled. For me, it was the epitome of boredom and wasted time. Now that we’ve transferred to Target and use the Target Pharmacy Rewards – I get more done, faster!

It’s great that I can drop off our prescriptions at the Target pharmacy AND get the items needed for our meals all at the same time. Target Pharmacy Rewards is so simple and it saves me money! After only 5 prescription fills (vaccinations count too), I receive 5% off a whole day of shopping in-store and online. On top of the already low prices, that is a win/win for me – and my time – and my budget!

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