Getting organized with EasilyDo!

Friday, May 2, 2014

With my busy schedule – I need to stay organized. I use planners to record doctor’s visits, swim lessons and baseball games. Without it, I would be lost. As organized as I am, I’ve struggled to find a time efficient way of organizing my social media accounts.

There’s an app for Instagram, an app for Facebook… and the list goes on. Each app needs to be viewed separately to view that social network’s activity. It’s a little time consuming, given the number of social accounts we find ourselves a part of. But hey - we’re connecting faster than we were ten years ago, right?

As great as that is, I need my social media presence to be a more fluid and efficient part of my life. I do have a life separate from my phone and would like to return to it quicker.

I’ve found an app for my smart phone that not only organizes and streamlines my social media accounts – I can also organize other tasks. I can set weather alerts for my area or travel locations. I am able to set calendar reminders for those doctor’s appointments and sports activities. I can even send an auto-text to Dan when I leave a location – because I never remember to do this manually.

“You’re welcome, Dan.”

So what is this app? It’s EasilyDo – and it lets me easily do things!
“EasilyDo is a free app that organizes and notifies you of important things so you never miss anything. Less work, less worry, and more time for you.

Your smart assistant schedules and sends birthday greetings, cleans up and adds new contacts, checks traffic, notifies you about bad weather, tracks packages, and more. Information appears just when you need it.“

“This app cleans up and adds new contacts, checks traffic, notifies you of bad weather, tracks packages, schedules and sends birthday greetings, and many more - 41 automated tasks in total!”

It’s a running joke in our family that I need a personal assistant – and EasilyDo has managed to fill this position and make things run a little more smoothly.

I am able to connect my Gmail and Yahoo! Email accounts. (You can also connect Microsoft Exchange and IMAP email accounts) I can also connect to Evernote, iCloud, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. After I authenticated the connections – EasilyDo immediately set to work to find tasks that it could automate. It even periodically informed me when Noteworthy Activity was taking place on my various accounts.

The “Do Its” section of the app allows me to navigate my day. I can get organized, get notified and stay connected.

EasilyDo is a free app – however, you can get a premium subscription at $4.99 a month or for $49.99 per year). The premium subscription allows you to merge duplicate contacts in bulk and receive travel alerts as well as a 10% discount on gift cards that you can give to your friends! What a fun gift to give once you’ve been reminded that it is their birthday!