Tips for keeping young athletes hydrated this Summer

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Each Summer – we spend a lot of time outdoors and in the heat. The many hours of playing with my children and exposing myself to the harsh Summer sun is draining on my body. I’m not sure why, but my body tends to dehydrate easily and quickly.

When my muscles begin to ache and that hint of a headache appears – I tend to lean on the traditional rehydration drinks. I do my best to consume a lot of water – but that doesn’t always prevent a trip to the emergency room to receive fluids. I get a little nauseated thinking about the thousands of dollars that have been spent on something as seemingly simple as treating dehydration.

If you have any ideas on what causes this – I would love to know! As for now, I’ve found a great to help prevent my body from dehydrating – Drip Drop. I love that this this is a product! Drip Drop comes in a small packet that I can slip into pocket and have ready should I need to add it to my bottle of water. It dissolves just as the water flavorings we carry around for the kids. I enjoy the taste – and enjoy that it is much less expensive than a trip to the ER.

“Drip Drop ORS is a breakthrough in Oral Rehydration Therapy, designed to efficiently treat and prevent dehydration.”

So, when I feel that first hint of dehydration – I pull out my Drip Drop packet and dissolve it in 16.9oz of water. I no longer need to make a mad dash for the convenience store to purchase the bulky bottles of rehydration drinks.

As Spring turns to Summer – I can also use this to prevent any signs of dehydration. I plan to have a glass of Drip Drop in the morning may be what I need to help me through the very humid months here in the Midwest. Drip Drop absorbs 3 times faster than plain water – so, this is probably the best hydrating method for me.

Not only do I need to stay hydrated - so do the kids!  We're outside playing baseball a lot in the Summer.  Several hours out on the ball diamond and in the heat can really wear on their little bodies.  Keeping them hydrated is very important.  Last year, I sent a bottle of water - packed with ice.  This year, we'll include Drip Drop.

Athletes should always drink enough fluid before, during and after practice.

The Youth Sport Safety Alliance found that up to two-thirds of youth athletes often start practice suffering from mild to moderate dehydration. Thus, it’s especially important that your kids hit the fluids before they hit the field. Not only should you sent water with your athlete - make sure they've hydrated before their practice and that they hydrate once they're finished.

  • Kids should drink 500-600 ml of water or an electrolyte-enhanced drink, like Drip Drop, 2-3 hours before practice.
  • 10-20 minutes before practice, youngsters should drink an additional 200-300 ml.
  • Educate kids about dehydration. The warning signs every athlete should recognize include dizziness, thirst, headaches, cramping and weakness.
Find more information related to this topic here: 4 Tips to Ensure Proper Hydration for young Athletes

If dehydration is a concern for you (and did you know that 75% of Americans are dehydrated?) you can check out Drip Drop’s frequently asked questions here.  Use discount code BLOGGYMOM and get 20% off Drip Drop!