NETGEAR Nighthawk and WiFi Range Extender Review

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

I work from home.  I also homeschool my children.  Between all of the work, research, articles and papers that must be done - we have a lot of devices that are constantly connected to our WiFi.  It had been several years since we last purchased a router and it was long past time for an update.  We're constantly needing to restart our router or even inch closer to a stronger signal.  I've even found that angling my laptop toward the East seems to help!  As much fun as that's been - we've moved on.

As a NETGEAR Ambassador, I was able to try out the Nighthawk AC 1900 Smart WiFi Router and AC750 WiFi Range Extender.

Though our home isn't large - it's also not tiny. This means that it was a bit tricky staying connected to our previous WiFi router when I was on the opposite end of the house and on a different floor than the router.  I could always tell when it was about to disconnect.  The connection would begin to be a bit sluggish and then suddenly disappear.

The NETGEAR Nighthawk has changed all of that.  It's capable of handling our updated devices and manage the tempo at which I need to work.  Switching between programs and sites quickly is a luxury that is a necessity for me.  Between online learning programs for the kids and my need to upload, post and view a lot of media  - we've put a lot of demanding work on the NETGEAR Nighthawk and it has held up nicely.

What we love

  • AC1900 Wi-Fi: 600+1300 Mbps Speed
  • Easy and automatic installation of the NETGEAR router with Internet provider gateway to upgrade your WiFi
  • 1GHz Dual Core Processor
  • Beamforming+ improves range and performance
  • High powered amplifiers and antennas to extend your Wi-Fi coverage
  • Includes: Nighthawk AC1900 Smart Wi-Fi Router, Three (3) detachable antennas, Ethernet cable, Quick install guide, Power adapter

We often move our homeschool lessons or my daily work to the dining room table.  This is on a different floor and on the opposite end of the house from the router.  The AC750 WiFi Range Extender has come in very handy for this!  When I know that we'll spend a few days in the dining room working on lessons - I plug the extender in on that side of the house. 

What we love

  • Extend your existing Wi-Fi coverage throughout your home
  • Eliminate Wi-Fi dead zones in hard to reach areas
  • Lower your phone bill by reducing data plan charges
  • Create faster access for 802.11 b/g/n and AC Wi-Fi devices
  • Create access points in your home and improve Wi-Fi coverage
  • Connect a wired device like Blu-ray player, game console, smart TV or streaming player to your Wi-Fi network
  • External antennas for better Wi-Fi coverage and more speed

When I know we'll be in the classroom and will have no need for the WiFi Range Extender, I plug it in near the upstairs printer - for wireless printing!  The combination of this router and extender have been a great addition to our work and school schedules.  Thrilled to finally have this boost in ability to get through our work without interruption!

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