Keep little fingers safe with Pinch Not Door Safety Slip-On Bumper!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

I heard my kids and their cousins run through the house and quickly open the heavy solid-wood door that led into our backyard. I could also hear that my two-year-old nephew was trailing behind the bigger children as they made their way outside. His little feet trying to keep up made the cutest sound across the hardwood floor.

For just a moment, I felt at peace. The laughter of children and the warm Spring breeze finally flowing through the house made everything seem right in the world.

Then, I heard it. I heard the large wooden door slam shut and my little nephew begin to scream.

I just knew it. I knew that the horrible story my Aunt once told about a child at her son's babysitter's house had happened now at my own home. I was certain that my nephew had just lost his precious fingers by getting them caught between the door and the jam.

I rushed to him and found his head pressed against the door jam and hiding his hands from my view. I gently grabbed his shoulders and turned him so that I could see what had happened. His tiny hand was stuck in the door. Luckily, and oddly, only the fatty parts of two fingers were pinched and stuck firmly between the door and the jam. I opened the door to let him loose and tended to his sore fingers. He was very fortunate. It could have been a very serious situation.

What could have happened replays in my mind. I've put safety measures on our laundry chute, refrigerator and cabinet doors - but hadn't yet found anything to keep doors from smashing little fingers. Though most of my child-proofing supplies are now in storage totes, I have one that keep handy and use a lot - the Pinch-Not Safety Slip-On Bumper.

According to the National Safety Council, there are approximately 300,000 finger injuries caused by doors every year. And the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission states that approximately 26,000 fingers are amputated or broken in door accidents every year.

I'm amazed - but then again I'm not - at the number of fingers amputated or broken by doors each year. My kids run through a door and quickly shut it behind them without paying attention to who's behind them. They'll also play around at the door pushing each other in or out of rooms and then slamming the door shut. They haven't one concern about their little fingers. I'm always reminding the kids that doors aren't toys and that they shouldn't slam them. It's a little easier to relax now that I have a Pinch Not Slip-On Bumper on the doors! It's easily installed and removed. Which means, it's easy to take with us when we travel!

You can find out more about the Pinch Not Door Safety Slip-On Bumper and more door safety products here.