Chummies Friendship Bracelets: Lets Make a Change

Monday, April 14, 2014

Low self-esteem, depression, isolation, declining grades, trouble sleeping, fear. These words are any parents' worst nightmare when it comes to the mental and physical well-being of their children. Unfortunately, these also represent the impact that bullying can have.

It is time for a change amongst our youth. We must change the way our children interact with one another and foster self-esteem to include inclusion and kindness. But how do we accomplish this? As parents, we know all too well that children, especially those experiencing "growing pains" in middle school, don’t respond well to being ‘told’ how to act. On the contrary, they respond well to instruction when given choice, ownership, and the power of their own voice.

That is where Chummies friendship bracelets come in to play. Created by two middle school teachers who understand the severity of exclusion our children face, these bracelets help kids celebrate their diversity and individuality. Chummies are a true labor of love by the co-founders and teachers, Kelly Casaccio and Amy Orlando, who funded this product and company on their teacher’s salaries. They believe that if you teach kids the power of accepting and embracing our differences they will, in turn, become more inclusive; which will reduce bullying among them.

Kelly and Amy’s product, Chummies, are silicone, latex free, hypoallergenic, friendship bracelets that come connected in ‘perfect pairs.’ Each pair has images of two things that ‘compliment’ each other just as you and your friends 'compliment' each other. The interlocking bracelet pairs zip apart in order for kids to share the other half of the pair with a ‘chum’ or friend.

However, Chummies are different from the heart friendship necklaces of 'ole. The guitar and amplifier can be shared with a friend with whom you share a love of music. The high heel & sneaker pair can be split with your ‘fashionista’ friend. With various pairs of Chummies available, kids can celebrate all unique friendships by connecting them all up their arm. The perfect pairs of Chummies are endless, just like the possibility for different types of friends.

The message to kids: open your hearts and minds to all different types of people, and your life will be enhanced in an unimaginable way.

Chummies are currently sold online and in stores nationwide. In addition, because of Kelly and Amy's firm commitment to teaching bettering students, they can also be used as a fundraising tool for schools. The company is also excited to announce its recent partnership with the Girl Talk Organization that works to provide high school mentors to middle school girls dealing with the drama and hardships of those years.

Chummies has just launched a KickStarter Campaign to raise funds in order to expand their line of product and jump start their 'Band Together' program for schools. They need the support of moms everywhere to grow Chummies and spread the message of inclusion and acceptance. Please check out Chummies’ KickStarter Campaign and debut on Fox News, and share their mission with all of the moms you know.

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