How to Make Money on New Marketplace

Saturday, March 15, 2014

I'm really excited to be telling you about a recently launched new marketplace that will help your readers save money, and as an affiliate can help you make money whenever your readers make purchases.

Every Day is Black Friday is a revolutionary new marketplace where you get to ‘name your own price’ on any item on the site. Yes, kind of like Priceline…but for everything else other than travel services. Imagine if you could create your own coupon, or discount anytime you want. How much would you offer for a brand new leather jacket? Go there and find out if you can get it at a Black Friday like sale price.

Infinite Buyer is not an auction or reverse auction, but a buyer-offer driven site that enables consumers to negotiate for the prices they want to pay. This is a major improvement to online shopping that could really change online shopping by empowering consumers to get what they want, when they want it, at the price they are willing to pay. Some are saying this could be as large as, or larger, than eBay.

"Empowering Consumers"

Shoppers love Infinite Buyer because when you get to name your own price, you save money and time. Imagine no more driving around town or scouring the internet looking for the best price. You offer a price you’re willing to pay and make your own best deal with each merchant instantly. Why pay fixed price or retail ever again? Read this blog post why this will never be necessary again.

See the Infinite Buyer Black Friday launch news coverage:

Affiliate Program Details

As a blogger who is interested in being an affiliate, and has an audience who likes to get great deals all the time, this is your chance to make a 10% revenue share on everything that your community buys. And as a special bonus for my readers, for any of your referred readers from your own blog that register at Infinite Buyer by March 30, 2014, your commission period for those consumers doubles from one year to two full years on anything they purchase.

How to Make Money as an Affiliate

It’s pretty easy to make money with our program.

• You promote your unique Infinite Buyer Affiliate link to your readers on your blog, Facebook page, Twitter account, LinkedIn account, and other social media sites or email.

• Then when your readers click on your unique Affiliate link, they are automatically signed up under your name, and anytime they make any purchase over the next 12 months, you get a percentage of their entire transaction.

How is Infinite Buyer Better Than Other Affiliate Programs?

12 Months: Most other affiliate programs have a short timeframe from when your referred customer clicks on your affiliate link, and when they make their purchase. For example, Amazon will not pay you if your referred customer takes more than 24 to put the product in their cart. Infinite Buyer pays you on any product your referred customer buys within a year, it doesn’t matter how long it takes to get into the cart.

Any Product: Many other affiliate programs you have to pick a product that you want to promote and manage a separate link for each product, and even if the customer you refer buys other products at that same website, you may only get paid for the product you promoted. Infinite Buyer pays you on every product your referred customer buys from us.

Entire Transaction: Most affiliate programs will only pay you on the subtotal of the product costs; however, Infinite Buyer pays on the entire transaction, including shipping costs.

How Do I Get Started as an Infinite Buyer Affiliate?

1. Sign up today at as Seller.

2. Get Your Affiliate link

3. Promote your affiliate link

How Do I Find My Affiliate link?

• Once you have registered, click on the menu item “My Account”, then click on the tab marked “Affiliate Info”.

• Note: Do not use the “Referral Link” on your main account page – that’s for a different system.

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