5 Gifts for the Athlete on Your List

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Finding the perfect gift is rarely an easy feat. However, if your gift's recipient is an athlete, there are plenty of amazingly tailored gifts that will be perfect for them. Some of the most popular items include hydration packs, nutritional foods, shoes, bike lights, and workout clothes.

Hydration Pack

One of the most important things to any athlete is the ability to stay hydrated at all times. Dehydration can be severely debilitating and unhealthy. One of the easiest ways to remain hydrated is through the use of a hydration pack. This lightweight packs simply strap onto your back and go wherever you go. The water filling the pack is accessible via a flexible plastic straw that comes around to your mouth. One of the most popular brands for hydration packs is Camelbak. Any athlete would be more than thrilled to receive these as a gift.

Nutritional Food

Athletes are all about maintaining a healthy body. Nothing does this more efficiently than their exercise and nutritional food. Gifting nutritional food may not seem like the most conventional gift. However, to athletes it makes a perfect gift. Nutritional food brands are not always the cheapest thing to purchase. Thus, they make great gifts because the athlete may not want to purchase it for him or herself on a daily basis. Be sure to do the appropriate amount of research to find all the facts about any food brand.

New Pair of Shoes

Something that not everybody realizes is the amount of wear that athletes incur on their shoes every time they are used. Since their shoes do not last as long as normal walking shoes, athletes have to constantly purchase new shoes to replace their old ones. Find deals online at SportPursuit.com for all of your favorite brands of shoes.

Bike Lights

Just like shoes, bike lights are something you might not think wear out as quickly as they actually do. However, bikes lights do not have the longest lifespan. This short lifespan means that bike lights would be the perfect gift to athletes that enjoy riding bikes. Furthermore, bike lights are an integral part to a bike rider's safety and are extremely important for them to have at all times.

Workout Clothes

Similar to nutritional food, workout clothes can be relatively expensive compared to normal clothes. Many brands such as Under Armour and Nike utilize high-tech materials that cost a ton of money to develop. The high development cost combined with brand name recognition drive up the cost of workout clothes. However, these clothes are reasonably priced for a nice gift. Another reason workout clothes make a good gift is their frequency of use. It is significantly easier for athletes to have multiple different outfits to wear during a workout than having to constantly wash a single outfit.

Overall, gift giving to an athlete does not have to be a hard affair. Simply work yourself through this list of five categories and choose the one that fits the athlete you know the best.

Robert Vincent is a personal trainer and competitive athlete. He especially enjoys blogging about the athletic lifestyle from techniques to gadgets.