New Years Resolution: Clean Out That Bulky Handbag!

Friday, January 24, 2014

It's the New Year and with it comes resolutions.  One typical resolution is to get organized.  One are that seems to need constant attention and organization is - my purse.  You can use some of the following strategies to put together an organized purse that has everything neatly in its place.  Put the days of digging around for your keys or lip-gloss be far behind you and become an organization maven!

Dump It All Out - Obviously, you can't get anywhere until you know where you are at.  So, laying it all out on the table is a good first step. Dumping the contents of your purse in its current state can help you access how much needs to be altered, discarded and where you need to make changes. This may seem overwhelming at first, but any organization project always looks most chaotic at the start.

Purge - The next step is to purge.  You may feel that this is the hardest step of all as it means letting go of some items. Of course, some of the items you throw out are truly trash-- like empty mint tins, broken combs and gum wrappers.  Some items, like coin purses or mirrors that don't snap shut - should be thrown out or re-purposed.  Aim to keep the things that are useful and that you enjoy.

Organize - Now we are to the organization part!  This is where you streamline the contents of your purse for easy access. Take inventory and see how you can compartmentalize each item for ease of use. Check out purse organizers like the Pouchee for ideas. Place small items in zipped bags/makeup bags.  Place items like loose cosmetics in these bags.  Slip your phone into a pocket and clip your keys on a ring. Make sure there is a spot for everything in your purse, so that you can always reach each item you need.

Simplify - Simplifying is in the same vein as organizing. Here, you need to cull items in your purse, keeping everything as basic as possible. Do you really need four lip-glosses? Do you need two types of gum? Are there items that have no business in your purse, like scissors or loose jewelry? Put those things where they go - not your purse. Odds and ends are only going to weigh you down, so don't let your purse become a catchall.

Thin Your Wallet - Finally, pay attention to what is going on with your wallet. The wallet is one of the most crucial parts of the purse, as it contains so many important pieces. As such, it can often become over packed, messing up your entire purse organization. Instead, look for thin, sleek wallets, which keep your items maintained and look stylish to boot. This type of wallet can be found at a number of retailers, and is a great way to simplify your purse organization.

Getting organized is easier than it sounds, especially when it comes to the purse, which is a small area that can be easy to control if you have the right strategies. These tricks can help you streamline your handbag and cut down on those stressful moments where you can't find your wallet, phone or keys.