Hair Color Trend Predictions for 2014

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Do you want to show the world a "brand new you" in 2014? If so, one of the funnest ways to quickly find this "new you" is through a brand new hair color. Of course, you don't want to choose a hair color that's been done to death or that's all played out. No, you want to choose a hair color that's hot, fresh, and happening.

Pretty in Platinum

There's blonde hair...and then there's platinum hair! While not everyone can pull off this shocking, white-blonde hair color, it's going to be big in 2014. In fact, the hue has already been spotted on celebrities like Anne Hathaway. While once thought of as a little too "out there," platinum is expected to come full circle in 2014, and, if done right (meaning professionally), it's going to be considered a hip but classic color to have.

Fierce Fuchsia

For the past few years, fiery, bright fire engine reds have been thought of as daring but ultimately dazzling when it comes to hair color. Finally, though, the red trend is fading, and it's being replaced with something even more shocking and surreal: fuchsia. While this purple-red shade may not be the right choice for everyone, fierce fashion-istas the world over are going to be giving it a try in 2014. Just keep in mind that all the bleaching and regular dyeing (fuchsia fades even more quickly than red) can wreak havoc on your hair, so it may be a style you'll only want to try very temporarily, or that you'll at least have applied with care.

Light Meets Dark

While ombre has been big for quite some time now, the upcoming trend of cool colored blonde or light brown tips with darker roots is making a splash this year, and while it may sound similar to ombre, it's actually not. Ombre, when done right, is about a gradual but noticeable distinction between two hair colors, while the light meets dark trend is all about subtle, barely noticeable mixing of natural looking shades that add light and dimension to the face and the hair. You have to have this style done by a seasoned professional, however; otherwise, you'll just wind up looking like you're in dire need of a root touch-up.

Sassy Silver

Silver hair was once viewed as the mark of the "old," but nowadays, shiny silver hues are cropping up on everyone from the young and hip to members of the middle-age generation who are embracing their newfound maturity and making a statement on it with their hair colors. You don't have to have gray or graying hair to consider going silver, just ask Kelly Osbourne, who is already making a fabulous splash with this foxy trend.

While these hair trends may be big in Los Angeles and New York, trends do vary from area to area, and you want to make sure you're still considered "in style" where you live. As such, don't just jump the gun on one of these trends, not until you've talked with a local stylist to learn about whether or not a specific look is right for you and about what's hot in your particular part of the world.