Five Unique Gift Ideas For Expectant Mothers

Monday, January 27, 2014

Pregnancy is a very special time of life for any mother-to-be. There are many things you could give an expectant mother, but many of them may seem cliché. Below are a few unique ideas to give your friend, wife, or family member.

Compression Maternity Leggings
One special gift that any mom-to-be may appreciate is compression maternity leggings. These innovative leggings will provide support and relief for aching and tired legs. Maternity compression leggings are known to increase circulation and reduce swelling. The tummy support panel in certain brands provides extra support for the new life within. I suggest choosing leggings that are seamless or that have smooth seams for additional comfort. Compression maternity leggings without feet can be worn with a wide variety of shoes. Moisture wicking properties will provide additional comfort and coolness for the skin.

Chocolate is a surprisingly nutritious treat for pregnant mothers. Chocolate is said to prevent pre-eclampsia and premature birth. It may also relieve stress and reduce cholesterol.  And, well, most people enjoy chocolate.  Perhaps this was just me?

Pregnancy Survival Kit
Any expectant mother would enjoy a Pregnancy Survival Kit. Although these kits may be found online and in stores, it would be also be a fun and simple project to assemble one yourself so you can add that “personal touch”. Consider including any or all of the items listed.

Calendar Planner -This will help her show up on time to her prenatal appointments and all the other important events in her life. Pregnancy can be an overwhelming time, and she’ll appreciate the extra support towards maintaining a sense of control.  It may also serve as a keepsake later on.

Prenatal Vitamins - Vitamins are necessary to provide key nutrients for the growth of the baby. Taking vitamins helps the pregnant mom make up for times when she is unable to eat balanced meals due to nausea and morning sickness.

Baby Photo Album - She will appreciate having a special place to store treasured images of her pregnancy and the early days after her baby’s birth.

Books on Prenatal Self-Care - Knowledge is power and she’ll feel empowered to have the answers to her questions and concerns right at her fingertips.

Drinking tea during pregnancy can provide necessary nutrients to both mother and baby. While teas containing caffeine should be avoided during pregnancy, there are several baby-safe teas for the expectant mother to drink.

Rooibos -This tea is recommended for pregnant mothers and contains plenty of calcium and magnesium for relaxation.

Dandelion - Dandelion tea can help relieve fluid retention and is high in potassium.

Ginger - Ginger is particularly helpful in relieving morning sickness and can help relieve other stomach upsets.

Personalized Jewelry
What can be more special than a necklace, bracelet or a ring with Baby’s birthstone or initial? Set this special time in her life in stone by giving her something she can treasure. Check out a birthstone guide to find out which stone is right for her baby. There are many items these days with birthstones such as rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, ceramic statues and dolls with birthstone necklaces.

Pregnancy is a special time for both mom and baby. Giving a unique gift to that special soon-to-be Mommy in your life will help make the memories of her pregnancy term even more enjoyable.