Seven Gift Ideas For Your Pregnant Friend

Friday, December 20, 2013

If you have pregnant loved one in your life, you may be wondering what to get her this holiday season. There are several items any expectant mother would enjoy, as well as a few presents that have practical use and will make pregnancy much easier. These selections are among the ones the mother-to-be you love will certainly appreciate.

1. A Babymoon
Take your significant other on a babymoon, or a short honeymoon-style vacation so the two of you can spend some quality time with each other before the baby is born. A romantic tropical getaway where you and your sweetie can relax on the beach is ideal. Or, choose a vacation package that includes room service and a visit or two to at the spa in the resort to help your mate renew her energy before the baby is born.

2. Compression Hosiery
Compression hosiery not only helps a pregnant woman's clothes fit better, but the gift can also be good for her health. Resources like have a wide selection of compression hosiery products to choose from that will encourage blood circulation and reduce swelling in the legs.

3. A Body Pillow
As a woman progresses in her pregnancy, it becomes more difficult to sleep in a comfortable position. A body pillow allows the gift recipient to sleep comfortably on her side for a relaxing night's rest. Pillows that include contours and are made from soft materials are ideal, like the one from Snoogle, which can be purchased on the Baby Earth website.

4. Home Cleaning Services
Particularly in the third trimester, a woman may experience significant fatigue, which means keeping up with regular tasks like doing laundry or cleaning the kitchen a challenge. Pay for a cleaning service to come to your friend or relative's home and take care of these tasks for a few weeks to show your care and concern for your pregnant loved one. It's also a good idea to see if there are companies in the area who deliver home-cooked meals, so that dinner won't be a chore, either. Or, you can prepare a dish you know your family member enjoys a night or two out of the week and bring it over in addition to hiring the maid service.

5. Customized Jewelry
If the baby's name has already been selected, a gift like a bracelet or necklace that features the name of the little one on his/her way makes a sweet and thoughtful gift. Customizing the jewelry to include the birthstone of the month when the baby will be born makes the gift even more beautiful and meaningful.

6. Intimates
Pregnancy and nursing intimates are an ideal present to give your spouse or significant other. Not all nursing bras have to look matronly and frumpy, so search department stores like Macy's and Nordstrom for pieces that include laces or satin. Nightgowns and underwear that fit a pregnant or post-baby body well can make a woman feel especially confident and at ease.

7. A Spa Gift Certificate
Few things are more appealing to a woman who's waiting for her due date than a gift certificate to a spa. Since pregnancy often come with symptoms like swollen feet, back pain and headaches, a trip to the spa that includes a massage, facial or aromatherapy session is a wonderful gift. If you provide a gift certificate, the recipient can choose which services she wants when she's making her spa appointment, so she can get the exact soothing treatment she needs.