Milk Unleashed - Hot Chocolate Treats!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Hot Chocolate is a big part of our Winter.  We make it after playing in the snow.  We take it with us when we go out to look at the pretty lights and decorations.  We sip it as we sit and enjoy the soft light of our Christmas tree in the evening.

We love making different variations of the drink and use whipped cream along with every type of marshmallow we can find.  Savannah and Joey love the multicolored and the snowman shaped marshmallows.  I love adding a peppermint stick to my hot chocolate.

There are so many ways to make and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate.  Milk Unleashed has a lot of ideas that I had never imagined!  Check out the ideas below - especially number two!!

1. Add marshmallows as you’re heating the chocolate milk and let them totally dissolve for a thick, gooey treat. Float a few more on top.

2. Still have Halloween candy hanging around? Drop a mini bar (one without nuts) and let it melt into deliciousness.

3. Cinnamon sticks are always handy this time of year. Infuse your hot chocolate with a stick or two.

4. Kids like hazelnut almost as much as peanut butter. Stir in a spoonful of the chocolate-hazelnut spread.

5. Try the un-chocolate hot milk. Just warm some milk and flavor with honey and cinnamon.

6. Puree a half banana for each cup and stir into the hot chocolate. Garnish with a bit of whipped cream and banana chip.

7. Stir in a peppermint stick for a classic, holiday flavor. Then rim the mug with crushed peppermints.

8. While adults are drinking hot toddies…make hot toffees for the kids…stir some butterscotch chips into hot milk.

I love this tradition of hot chocolate during the holidays.  I have so many great memories already.  I hope Savannah and Joe have sweet memories from this sweet treat!

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