Five Gifts To Give This Christmas!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

As Christmas day draws closer and closer, it seems as if people are continuously asking what I would like to see beneath my tree this holiday season. Unfortunately, I am one of those individuals who wants everything and nothing - all at the same time. As a result of this I am very indecisive, therefore, I have a difficult time deciding on what I should tell those people asking me what I want. Fortunately, I have finally narrowed what seemed like an endless list to a small one that consists of just five items.

Jewelry is something that I always feel like I do not have enough of. However, I have one specific piece of jewelry in mind. I would like to receive a Tree of Life necklace for Christmas this year. The necklace that I would particularly love to receive this necklace can be found on This necklace is handmade by jewelry designer Sara Weinstock. Although a bit pricey, it is a stunning piece of jewelry. It is made of precious metals (such as 18 karat gold) and gemstones (diamonds, for example) and hangs from an adjustable, handsome string of leather. Frankly, if I were to receive this necklace for Christmas, I would be perfectly content if it was the only item from my wish list that I received.

Something else I would like is an iPhone. I'm not picky as to which iPhone I receive, but ideally I would like at least an iPhone 4. From what I know, they are very reliable cell phones. The battery life on these phones is fairly decent, and not only does it serve as a phone, but it serves as a device on which I can get work done as well. Another reason why I would really like to be the owner of an iPhone is that a really awesome insurance plan can be bought along with the phone itself. The Apple Store fixes glitches, broken screens, and other malfunctions that iPhone users experience. This insurance also would allow me to replace my phone if I needed to. Aside from being an all-around awesome phone, they look pretty awesome and that's always a plus.

Like many women, I'm constantly checking out the new trends in fashion. In particular, I wouldn't be opposed to a few new dresses or skirts, a couple pairs of jeans, and new t-shirts. To be honest, however, I wouldn't be too picky about what types of clothes they were.  Actually, my husband would probably prefer I not receive any and start sharing the closet a little more.

Gift Cards
It is no surprise that many people are incredibly busy around the holidays. A gift that I absolutely adore and that is quick to purchase is a gift card. This way, no one has to worry about whether I like what they got me because I can just take that gift card and go to my favorite stores and pick out whatever I want. I enjoy giving gift cards for specific restaurants or stores when I know that the recipient enjoys those locations.

Harry Potter Merchandise
Okay, this isn't something that I want for myself - but I know plenty of people who would like anything Harry Potter related. Books, movies, t-shirts, winter wear, anything. Harry Potter merchandise is quite easy to find. These types of items can be found at a bookstore as well as ordered online.