Being a Hero is Fun!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Joey loves to run through the house with his Superman cape flapping behind him. His super powers have no end and he is the protector of our home. I remember my brother doing the same thing, though I think he may have been pretending to be Mighty Mouse.

Joey also loves any games where he gets to be the hero – I love games where he gets to learn! Recently, we’ve been discussing and learning how to be prepared for emergencies. Teaching our kids the proper actions to take when there is an emergency can’t be practiced enough. I love that there are games available to reinforce what we’ve been instructing our kids to do in case of emergencies.

Disaster Master
Get ready for some serious adventure! Step into the heart of the action as you help the Heroes face everything from home fires to earthquakes. What should they do? Make the right choice and earn points to get to the next level. Make the wrong choice and watch out! Winners get their own graphic novel!

Play Disaster Master here and check out the Build a Kit game – where kids learn what items they need to build and create an emergency preparedness kit.