Making room for a new arrival! Before & After the #IntelAIO PC Arrived

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

I am, of course, thrilled about the new addition to the Noth household.  I know, that is such a worn-out and tired line!  However, I am excited.

A few weeks ago, I was given the opportunity to be a part of a group that would review an AIO PC! I have had nothing but a laptop since college - twelve years ago!  So, in a way, this is new for me.

I'm always on the go - so a computer that can be taken with me is essential. Working in the evening on the couch, in bed before I wind-down for the night,  during Savannah's piano lessons or the kid's playtime is a common element of my life. I assumed that a desktop computer would be a hassle for me - and therefore haven't looked into purchasing one.

The office I worked at prior to launching my own business and working from home, had a desktop computer that was "all in one". Of course, it was one of the all-in-one computers that were available six years ago. Things have changed since that time. A lot has changed!

Having not had a desktop computer in quite some time, I really had no idea what type of space it would require or where I was going to place it.  At the moment,we are using an extra coffee table for the AIO PC.  It's placed in our living room against an empty space along our wall.  Hopefully soon, I will decide on a desk to purchase and place the computer in its permanent place.

The AIO PC isn't what I had expected.  It is much more versatile than earlier computers.  It has a battery - so I am able to pick it up and carry it with me.  So far, that is my favorite feature.

Joey and Savannah love that it has a touch screen.  Other than smartphones and tablets - they haven't used a computer with a touch screen.  They're getting use to it - but still accidentally open and close items from time to time when they are simply trying to point out something on the screen.

Be sure to visit again - more to come in this AIO PC series

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