How to Teach Kids Proper Personal Hygiene

Monday, November 25, 2013

Your child's face may look extremely adorable especially after a raucous meal, with food stains all over. As funny as this may be, remember that your child's hygiene is very important, especially at the school-going age when germs spread faster than light. And the older they get, the more vital their hygiene becomes. You can show them some basic steps that will ensure they stay strong, clean and healthy.

Teach them the essentials

The most basic practices of personal hygiene include hand washing. Encourage the kids to wash their hands always, especially after using the bathroom. It is best to use soap and water and wash for a specific period of time. They can use little scrubbers to properly wash off dirt. Also teach them how to brush their teeth and wash themselves.

Make it interesting

Kids get bored easily so personal hygiene needs to be interesting. For brushing their teeth and to maintain healthy gums, buy an electric toothbrush that probably ‘lights’ up as well. This added “bonus” will make an otherwise mundane task exciting. You might have to contend with the kids brushing too much! You can also use books and videos to teach them better. Seeing their favorite cartoon characters practicing hygiene is an interesting way to pass on the message.

Equate hygiene to fun

Teaching kids personal hygiene doesn’t need to be boring. Pile on the fun and get creative. You can turn bath time into a bubble popping competition, or use rubber ducks in the water and start a “duck race.” Why not sing nursery rhymes while brushing teeth and combing hair? Help your kids enjoy personal hygiene by making it less of a chore.

Be an example

Kids are great imitators and they will copy practically anything you do. Take advantage of this and let them see you abiding by your own hygiene rules. Do the steps together; brush your teeth, comb your hair and wash hands together. You can even get your own electric toothbrush and have fun with the cool gadgets together.

Explain why personal hygiene is important

Parents are familiar with the inevitable question, “why?” Take advantage of their curiosity and explain why cleanliness is important. Kids need to understand how being clean prevents them from falling sick. Older kids should also learn about infections and how to protect themselves by maintaining proper hygiene. Knowing the importance of what they are doing will make it easier for them to take up the responsibility.