Holiday stress and our dreams

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Over the past few weeks - I have noticed a significant increase in the number of dreams that I remember when I wake in the morning. I'm also noticing a very definite change in the content of the dreams. From elaborate homes with necessary hiding places to creepy, crawly creatures that are following my every step - my dreams are becoming very memorable.

I've always enjoyed discussing my dreams with others who are also very interested in the subject. Now, there is a website and mobile app, for all major mobile platforms, that lets you record your dreams and also get free, professional analysis by an expert in the field of dream research. It's called DreamsCloud, and its users have recently reported more dreams filled with images of falling, tidal waves and missing a flight — interesting, because an increase in these "anxiety" dreams could reveal the hidden stresses of the holidays.
By day, the most visible symbols of Thanksgiving may be turkeys and harvest wreaths, but at night they’re increasingly replaced by dark, often upsetting visions, a common sign of holiday-time tension, reports the online site DreamsCloud.

Dreams about falling, being overtaken by tidal waves or missing a flight are some of the most common anxiety-based dreams among users at — the most comprehensive resource on dreams and dreaming on the web, mobile and social media.

DreamsCloud has seen user activity increase more than 300% since the beginning of November, both online and on its mobile apps for iPhone, Android and Windows devices.
“It’s not a surprise that such seemingly negative dreams are increasing at this time of year,” said DreamsCloud founder and CEO Jean-Marc Emden. “We are expected to project a happy, positive image to the world during the holidays. Dreams are often our only outlet for our inner anxieties.”
Dream expert Susan Baragia, who provides analysis and reflection on user dreams at DreamsCloud, added that dark, anxiety-laden dreams serve an important purpose year-round, but especially at the holidays.
“There is a lot of pressure to make everything perfect for the holidays, and if we show that tension during our waking life, there can be some negative consequences,” Baragia said. “During dreams, our minds can release the pressure and work with those fears, so when we wake up, they have been resolved, and we can focus on the positive aspects of the holidays.”
Writing down dreams and seeking professional reflection can help us further understand and accept the stressful side of the holidays, leading to greater enjoyment and satisfaction during the holiday season, Baragia added.

The average person will spend about five years of life dreaming while asleep. DreamsCloud has been created with the participation and endorsement of highly regarded experts in the field of dream studies as a way for users to keep track of their dreams and understand how dreams affect their waking lives.

DreamsCloud is completely free for anyone to access and use, and users can always remain entirely anonymous – encouraging freedom and honesty.

DreamsCloud is available for multiple platforms:

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What are you dreaming of this holiday season?!