Halloween planning with our AIO Dell XPS

Monday, November 18, 2013

I'm not sure that I have ever been as fascinated with the Halloween season as my children are. As a child, I always disliked my picture being taken while I was wearing my costume. Remember the 80's - the era of flimsy, plastic masks that felt as if they were suffocating you?  Though I hated wearing them, I toughed it out to get that bag full of candy.

I also don't remember being interested in getting or carving pumpkins. Savannah and Joey love it. They enjoy the entire month of October leading up to Halloween. They enjoy helping me put the Fall decorations throughout the house - including their pumpkins.

Dan usually carves elaborate patterns into their pumpkins.  This year, the kids used our Dell XPS All-In-One PC to find more traditional patterns for their pumpkins.

Too many pumpkins!

Joey was having a hard time deciding what he wanted to be for Halloween.  We ran through a list of his favorite characters - including Thomas the Train.  Yet, nothing seemed quite right for him this year.  We browsed many costume sites but eventually decided that we would need to make something different.  Joey also had a difficult time wanting to stop playing Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 long enough for me to find costume ideas for him.

Eventually, we found a costume idea that was perfect for our little guy with a big imagination.  Joey is constantly building and creating something new.  He's also always leaving his Legos all over the floor.  So, he decided to be one of his favorite toys.  A Lego.  Not just any Lego, a blue lego.  Because blue is best, obviously.

Savannah decided on the Rag Doll costume - but has already planned to be a Southern Belle for Halloween 2014.

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