Epic Photo Fail Moments

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

We all have some great photo fail moments - with some of those moments being more epic than others. Most of my photo fails are missed opportunities for a picture. I either didn't get my camera or phone ready fast enough and the moment passed me by or my phone's camera wasn't fast enough to catch the action.

My most memorable photo fail comes from my wedding day. I had been up late the previous night - stressing over people looking at me as I walked down the aisle and then everyone watching as I kissed Dan for the first time as husband and wife. I was very shy and worried over that type of thing.

This led to a very sleepy bride who was constantly covering a yawn with her bouquet.

Being a budget conscious bride, I asked family members to photograph the wedding. I had begged Dan to elope, so not hiring a caterer or photographer wasn't out of place for me. This meant that pictures weren't taken repeatedly and errors... they remained.

So that is the epic photo fail moment that I could redo if I had the chance.

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