Covered Bridge Festival

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

This past weekend, we traveled to Parke County located in the gorgeous countryside of Indiana. We were visiting the area not only for the Covered Bridge Festival - but also to see the farmland that was once in my family.

My father's grandpa use to own beautiful farmland in this part of Indiana. I had never before had the opportunity to see this land, but I have often heard stories from my father and his brothers about their childhood memories of the place. As young boys, they spent their summers and many weekends out on their grandfather's farm on Strawberry Road. How quaint! Strawberry Road? You can't get much cuter than that. Their days were filled with helping their grandfather, and playing in the woods, on the covered bridge and in the creek that rippled below it.

The visit down that sleepy country road has set a deep desire and longing for what might have been if the farm hadn't been lost. It was such a serene place. Traveling down the road and up the hill - I was able to see for the first time, the old farm house (now with very modern updates and renovations) where my great-grandfather and great-grandmother lived. I listened as my father described how the house use to look, where the large Cottonwood tree use to stand and their adventures through the woods to a little country store.

We decided to step into the trees and head down a path that led to the creek where my uncles and father use to spend many hours swimming and playing. I felt as though I was stepping back in time and that perhaps if I listened closely I might be able to hear the sounds of their splashing and laughter.

I enjoy walking through festivals and fairs - but I was not prepared for the enormity of the Covered Bridge Festival. The festival spans several towns, many bridges and miles. The festivals at Bridgeton and Mansfield were too large for us to even see everything. The highlight for Savannah and Joey were the bridges themselves. They enjoyed walking through them, playing beside them and examining them as they walked through.

I'm sure that we will visit again in future years. If you would like to visit the Covered Bridge Festival in Indiana - visit the links below for more information.

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