Allergy-Free Holiday Treats!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Introducing Debbie Adler! On top of running a bakery and a household, she is also the author of SWEET DEBBIE’S ORGANIC TREATS: Allergy-Free & Vegan Recipes from the Famous Los Angeles Bakery. All the treats in the book are not only allergy-free (that includes nuts, soy, gluten, and dairy) but are sugar-free, too.

Many people have food allergies/sensitivities. This can make forgoing your favorite holiday treats that much harder. SWEET DEBBIE’S features plenty of seasonal recipes, all of which are vegan, gluten-, soy-, nut- and sugar-free - perfect for people with food allergies, Celiac, diabetes.

· All the recipes come with complete nutritional facts.
· There are recipes for making your own substitutes—like gluten-free flour mix, vegan chocolate chips, and sunflower seed butter.
· An index of substitutes you can buy in stores—like coconut nectar (instead of refined sugar); quinoa flour (for protein); and chia seeds (for energy and omega-3).

Sample Recipe!

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