My Dearest Honda Accord

Friday, September 6, 2013

My Dearest Honda Accord,

This letter has been in my heart for quite some time. You have faithfully been with me since June of 2001 and I gratefully appreciate all of our miles together. Before you came into my life, there had been two others that had left me feeling.... well, empty.

I spent several years dreaming of you and wondering what your interior would look like and if the exterior would shine as brilliantly as I had hoped. I pondered the many trips I wanted to take you on and if you would really be as reliable as I had heard. Were the stories true? Could I really have you for a lifetime?

It was a hot afternoon in June when I drove to the Honda dealership. I hadn't seen what I was looking for when I approached the lot, but I remained hopeful. I parked my little red coupe and stepping out I took an anxious look around. Seeing a silver Accord glimmering in the distance, I began to make my way through the rows of vehicles. Finally, I was there - peering into the Accord I had spent so much time wishing for... the Accord I thought I wanted.

But something wasn't right. I couldn't explain it - but this Accord wasn't meant for me.

Disappointed, I turned and began to make my way back to my little red coupe. I told myself that it just wasn't the right time and that I would know my Accord when I saw it.

Nearly to my vehicle and just a few steps from leaving... there you were. Waiting patiently for me to walk by you once again.

You weren't silver.

You didn't have a black interior.

Some say that you are red... but I think you have a more mysterious maroon color.

As I looked through the driver-side window, I noticed your beautiful gray interior.

You were everything I had never thought I wanted... but knew that I needed to take home with me.

The sales representative who had chased me through the lot saw it in my eyes. *I have no poker face* He ran to get the keys so I could see for myself just how awesome you were. He handed me the keys and I climbed inside. You weren't new but you were pristine. Your previous owner must have loved you as much as I have grown to love you.

You were my first big purchase. I have always been the one to pay for my vehicles, cover the insurance costs as well as fuel and upkeep. I was a little nervous because as a college student, that wasn't easy for me. However, I was very proud to bring you into my life.

Since that day you have been there for so many events that stand out in my life.

In fact, a few short days after you became mine... you were the topic of conversation that led to an important break-up. He may have thought he was "Mr. Right" - but you clearly won out. Yes, I broke up with someone for you - and I would do it again. Without that moment, my path may never have led to my Mr. Incredible.

Two months later - you began taking me to work every day... where I met said Mr. Incredible.

You brought me home on those college weekends where I had become so homesick... I just couldn't stand it any longer.

You were the one who took me to my first round of interviews when I graduated from college.

You were there when I said my vows on my wedding day.

You were with me on my honeymoon. On that trip we went through mountains and traveled to the beach. Never once did I doubt that you could make that trip.

You've been packed with moving boxes and bags many times.

You carried me safely to work each day when I was pregnant with my children. You've safely taken them on field trips, vacations and many adventures.

You were the vehicle we trusted to get our daughter to the emergency room when she stuck candy up her nose and when she fell at the playground.

You and I have made so many trips to the hospital to see loved ones or wait for birth announcements - it will be hard to not have you for those moments in the future.

In fact, I am sad to say - that I've been plotting against you. I know! I'm so sorry. I've been browsing lots and reading over other listings. Last week, as we were coming home from swim lessons - it hit me hard. The thought of not driving up the street with you caught me off guard and I began to panic.

What if my next vehicle is not as reliable as you have been?

Is it a mistake to say 'goodbye' to a car that has given me no problems? Sure, you've aged. We all have. You may chug a little here and there - but I'm sure you just need a tune-up. After all, you were most likely manufactured in 1995. Oh my gosh! I wasn't even driving when you were made!

My head begins to hurt when I think of a life without you! See? See what this does to me? I will have to end this letter now. I have much more to say - but my head hurts at the thought.

Last night, I found out that you have outlived yet another vehicle. A vehicle that is only half your age just gave up last night! Okay, maybe it "only" needs a transmission. But look at you! I love you!

You're nearing my goal of 250,000 miles. I promise that we will see that milestone together. I also promise to not look at another lot or listing until next Spring.

But just to let you know, my children are plotting against you. Joey... the boy. Yeah, he wants to trade you in for a limo.