High Power Dual USB Emergency Charger

Friday, August 9, 2013

As a social media mom, I am on the go and on my phone a lot. A lot. There are always Bloggy Moms or Bloggy Conference questions to answer, tweets that need a reply and messages that need read. All of this activity is a drastic drain on my smart phone's battery. Also, I opted for a phone with a slide-out keyboard (Yes, I know - I'm way uncool - but I like keyboards!) instead of the amazingly long battery-life like my brilliant husband chose. Maybe I should have gone with the Samsung Galaxy S4? So, I always carry my charger - though I need a wall outlet in order to recharge.

You see, the cigarette lighter/charger in my car has decided to go on strike and only works when it feels like it. Which is largely never. So, I'm at its mercy and constantly seeking an outlet. Though I've become very skilled at knowing which social media apps I'll need to turn off while on different outings.

As fun as constantly being worried about my phone's battery-life is, I've spent the past few  months looking for a different charging option.  Not a new phone (love my keyboard remember) but a charger.  I've see many emergency options.  Though, I'm always nervous to make a purchase.  I don't want to buy something that will at most only partially charge my phone.

Enter the High Power 10400mAh Dual USB Emergency Charger!

I was offered this amazing charger for review.  What could it hurt?  I needed one anyway.  This would be the perfect opportunity to see if it actually worked.

Most often, my phone will die when we need to spend a day away from the house - yet I still have a lot of work that needs done.  Our upcoming trip to Kings Island Amusement park was a great place to test the emergency charger's power!  I always need to return messages and answer questions - and love sending a few tweets while I'm there.  Of course my phone always dies on me! I'm always needing to use it.

Before we left that morning for Kings Island - I packed the charger into my cross-body handbag.  My battery went down to 5% charged by 2:00pm.  I plugged the phone into the emergency charger and it charged my phone fully after about an hour.

It was great to have a fully charged phone for the drive home!  I was so unconcerned with it - that I forgot to put my phone on its charger that night. 

Then, the next day - my son played a game on my phone that drains the battery like crazy!  I hadn't noticed that my phone was dead before we had to leave in the afternoon.  My phone was completely dead when I pulled out of the drive!  Luckily I had the emergency charger still with me.  It still had half its power and charged my phone fully within an hour or so.

- Amazing 10,400 battery life provides multiple charges
- Dual USB ports allows you to charge 2 devices at the same time
- Ultra portable so you can charge your devices wherever you are
- Universally compatible
- Rechargeable

Amazing 10,400 battery life provides multiple charges.
The Kit: Emergency USB charger is designed to give almost any mobile device a full charge whilst you're on the go. With an amazing 10,400mAh capacity, it's powerful enough to charge any smartphone 7 times and can almost fully charge an iPad 4.

Dual USB ports allows you to charge 2 devices at the same time.
The Kit: comes with 2 USB ports which allows you to charge 2 devices at the same time. Each USB ports comes with a different output, one is 1000mAh and the other is 2100mAh so you can charge a smartphone and a tablet at the same time.