Oxybul Wooden Railway Track

Friday, July 12, 2013

My son loves anything that is remotely related to trains. He doesn't often ask for a lot of toys - but he does want me to purchase any and all train sets that I can find. I'm not a fan of buying many toys that won't last long or stand up well against all the use he gets out of his toys. So, I love that most train sets are sturdy and well made.

 He is currently fascinated with his newest train set - the Oxybul Wooden 29-piece Railway Track. Being made of wood - it is very sturdy and gives it that classic toy appeal.  I like that the set is made well and that it is a toy we will most likely save back for him to have - so that he can someday share it (maybe) in his future home with his children.

He loves every aspect of this set. It came with little wooden animals that he can haul to and fro. It also has a tunnel and a bridge! He loves tunnels and bridges. He is also fascinated with the pieces of rail that came with attached greenery. I thought that was a very cute touch!

We've had this railway set for a few weeks now and I think it has only been disassembled when I've made him take it apart so that I could vacuum.  In fact, I should probably look into getting him some type of train table so that he won't have to take it apart.  So that it can always be assembled and waiting on him.

The Oxybul Wooden 29-piece Railway Track includes:

  • 28 Pieces Including: 1 Train, 5 Animals, 2 Trees and 2 Tunnels...
  • Short Wooden Circuit To Be Built. Made of Wood and Plastic
  • Inserted Rails And Quality Finish. A beautiful Manipulation Game
  • Dim: 10.6 (H) x 13.4 (L)

I've always loved wooden toys that are well made and creatively designed. Oxybul has a great selection of other wooden toys on their Amazon store. If my daughter was younger and not growing up so fast on me, I'd probably purchase their adorable kitchen set for her.

*I received this product for review. All opinions are my own.