Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

If you're a fan of live entertainment or the medieval times - you will enjoy the Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament! As a kid, I had the opportunity to enjoy several live shows and couldn't wait to see my kids experience them as well.  This trip to Myrtle Beach, we stopped by the castle to visit the king!

At Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament, a group of knights along with their king bring the medieval times back to life. Complete with with armor, horses and battles the knights fight for the title of King's Champion.

We arrived at the castle just before they began seating everyone for dinner.  Make a note that when you visit Medieval Times, you should arrive early! You'll want to have time to walk through and explore the open waiting area.  Perhaps you'll even choose to take a Dungeon Tour!

When you arrive, you will be assigned a knight that you get to cheer on during the dinner show. You will also be crowned with his colors and sit in his section to watch him during his many battles.

The kids loved being assigned to a knight.  I loved how it made you a part of the show!  Once we were seated in our knight's section - we noticed something.  Can you see what is missing in the picture below?

Silverware!  The silverware was missing.  We had no fork, no spoon and no knife!  I guess there were no such luxuries in the 11th Century - so we did not have them either!  Joey was a little nervous about eating with his hands but quickly adjusted to just digging in and eating!

The food was delicious and the show was very entertaining.  It was evident that the knights do train hard for their roles.  Their swords are real and they have mastered the art of battling while on horseback.  It was an amazing group to watch!  Sometimes it was so real that Joey was a little nervous and thought that the knight's were actually dying in battle.  We assured him they were only acting and he was then able to enjoy the entertainment once again!  Check out the videos below for a better perspective on just how amazing this show is! 

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