Dragon's Lair Fantasy Golf

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Our castle theme at Myrtle Beach continues! There were so many miniature golf options in the area - that we really weren't sure which one we thought the kids would enjoy most. On our last trip to Myrtle Beach, we spent part of an evening at Captain Hook's Adventure Golf. The kids enjoyed playing through the cave and onto Hook's ship!

This year, we decided to visit Dragon's Lair Fantasy Golf since we were also going to see the Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament. The two attractions just seemed to fit together nicely! After taking a walk around Broadway at the Beach and visiting a few shops, we entered the Dragon's Lair and began a tough game of miniature golf!

Once upon a time, Dragon’s Lair was wondrous castle in the magical kingdom of Myrtleness and ruled by the good King Merrymount. For days after a terrible earthquake, fires burned, thunder rumbled and the castle was flooded by streams. Because the people of Myrtleness were so afraid, the king summoned his magician, Avalon, to help save the kingdom. Upon Avalon’s command, a fire-breathing dragon appeared in the sky and made his home in the tower of the castle. From here the dragon protects our friends and enemies are frightened.

From a wondrous castle in the magical kingdom of Myrtleness to 36 holes of mini-golf in Myrtle Beach, Dragon’s Lair Fantasy Golf takes you on a journey through the Dark Ages. Those fearful times, however, are no more. Instead, a new era of entertainment and enjoyment abound in Myrtle Beach, SC.

Here, as you putt your way through the mini-golf in Myrtle Beach kingdom, you will cross bridges and streams, meander through the castles and caves and go aboard a treasured Viking ship. But your most exhilarating experience will be the first-hand encounter with the ferocious, fire-breathing dragon, Sir Alfred, who serves to protect all of our friends and guests throughout our Myrtle Beach mini-golf kingdom.

Joey and Savannah loved the course and the fire that frequently roared from atop the castle. Below you can see Joey working on a tough shot as the flames rise in the distance!  To really enjoy Dragon's Lair and the flames - I suggest heading to Broadway at the Beach just before evening sets in.  You'll give yourself enough time to enjoy both courses that are available and you can fully enjoy the dragon's fiery breath! 

When I was younger, and even now, I always loved getting to choose my own color of ball to putt around.  Would I go for blue or red this time?  Maybe purple!  Yes, I always wanted them to have a purple ball!  The decorations around the miniature golf courses were always so much fun to explore.  I thought that it was especially fun that the Dragon's Lair course and castle overlooked the water at Broadway at the Beach! 

My beautiful princess at the castle with her pink ball.  I think the kids made me choose a red ball.  No purple for mommy! 

Updated with more pictures!

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*I was provided with the opportunity to visit Dragon's Lair Fantasy Golf. All opinions are my own.