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Friday, July 5, 2013

As a mother, I am always on the hunt for educational resources to use in aiding my kids inside and outside of the classroom. Heading into our fourth year of home education, I've found that it's beneficial to use interactive educational tools in the classroom and supplemental programs outside of the classroom. Kids seem to learn better in a creative environment. In fact, my daughter's reading improved when she began using a hands-on, supplemental reading program we found online.  If your child is anywhere from 2 years old to 5 years old - now is a great time to get them started on education apps by Kid's Academy.  Starting my daughter on programs like this age the age of 5 was a great supplement to her Kindergarten reading course. 

Thinking back to my Kindergarten days - I remember the large and colorful alphabet cards that were used to teach me the various letters and their sounds. In those days, personal or school computers didn't exist - so brightly colored alphabet cards were used to grab the student's attention. The visual of the different letters - an apple for the soft 'a' sound and a bright, yellow ball of yarn for the 'y' sound - will never be forgotten.  Though I'm reminiscent of the alphabet cards that hung above my teacher's chalkboard, I enjoy seeing updated alphabet learning tools online.

With the exciting advancements in technology - my children will have their own memories of learning the sounds and how to blend them together to form words. One of the funnest and most effective resources for this is Kid's Academy and their ABC Games for Pre-K (Montessori Phonics-enabled Alphabet HD) available on iTunes and the Android Market.

I enjoy allowing my children to improve their skills or learn something new with online programs and apps because they are animated which grabs their attention and they are interactive. Being able to interact with something gives them a hands-on experience that I find adds to the learning experience and growth.

To this day, my daughter will talk about the different characters and events that were a part of her supplemental reading program.  It caught her attention and made it fun for her.

If you are wanting educational resources, you should also consider the following factors that make Kid's Academy and their ABC Games for Pre-K worth your child's time.

-   For kids aged 2-5

-   100+ amusing animations

-   70+ charming characters, exquisite design, and original sounds

-   The app helps to develop their memory and motor skills

-   Kids can learn ABCs at their own pace, they can pick flashcards randomly

-   Parent's Area with Progress Chart and profiles

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