Wonderworks at Myrtle Beach

Thursday, June 27, 2013

On our first family vacation to Myrtle Beach in 2011 - the kids spotted an interesting attraction. While browsing the shops located along the boardwalk of Broadway at the Beach, we noticed an upside-down building! Joey was certain that "it had been crashed". We had been told that maybe our kids weren't old enough to enjoy it - so we didn't visit Wonderworks that year. I wish we had! I do think that the kids would have enjoyed it.

This year, we made it a point to add Wonderworks to our itinerary. The kids were so excited to walk up to and explore this upside-down building! Joey was very puzzled and his mind began to wonder just what had happened... "How did it get like this?" and "Will it fall down?".

Wonderworks is an amazing attraction that is not only fun - but educational. I love tricking the kids into learning and having fun at the same time! Alright, they weren't 'tricked' - but they did have a good time and they did learn a little more about lightning, wind, etc. Wonderworks provides a fun environment to learn and explore.

Savannah's favorite part of Wonderworks was the indoor ropes course. I had begun to do the course with her - but I have a confession to make. If it isn't a coaster forcing me to a high point - I'm afraid of heights! I stepped out onto the first part of the course and froze! I know, it's maybe 15 off the ground at that point. Luckily, Wonderworks has a fantastic group of employees that monitor the course and help people like me get across. I did eventually (within a few minutes) exit and Dan finished the course with Savannah. She apparently has no fear of heights - just like her father. I vow to complete the course on our next visit! I. Will. Do. It!

You will easily spend a few hours at Wonderworks if you explore every section. A few of our favorites were:

Inversion Tunnel

Defy Gravity!!! As you approach WonderWorks, it is obvious that the building landed upside-down. Professor Wonder and his staff of Brilliant Scientists invented the Inversion tunnel to realign and invert your orientation so that you can defy gravity and play with all the exhibits and experiments.

Hurricane Shack

Guests will feel the effects of winds reaching 84 miles per hour. According to the Saffar-Simpson Scale, the hurricane in this simulation is a category one. Get Ready – Hang On!

Tesla Coil

Become a human lightning rod as you place your hand through the glove and touch 100, 000 volts of electricity.

Xtreme 360 Bikes

Visitors will pedal their way on these tandem bikes as they try to generate enough power to complete a full loop over the top and back to its original position.

Bed of Nails

Feel the sensation of 3,500 SHARP nails rise up from under you while lying on this bed of nails. Any good scientist knows pressure is the application of force over a certain area. The area of a single nail is VERY small; this is why if you step on one nail, it will easily break your skin. Your foot puts a large amount of force on a small area – the nail. On the bed of nails you learn why you can be lifted up by 3,500 nails without feeling the pressure of them.

Updated with more pictures!

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*I was provided with the opportunity to visit Wonderworks with my family. All opinions are my own.