Schwan's Home Delivery!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

As much as I enjoy getting out of the house and going shopping - I'm usually not so thrilled to go grocery shopping. Even when I have fantastic coupons - I'm always disappointed to fight the crowds, find that items I need are out of stock and drag the kids through the store.

Actually, there is no dragging of my son through the store. It's an adventure for him. I'm surprised he hasn't climbed the shelves. Though he does try to sneak into the larger shelves, at one retailer, that holds bath tissue and paper towels.

My husband enjoys a weekly daily ritual of teasing me about the number of items I purchase online. I'm completely alright with his jokes. It saves me time, gas for my car, money and stress. That works for me!

When I worked outside the home - I often ordered from Schwan's. They delivered not only to my home - but my office as well! They made it very convenient for me to order and receive product. My job at the time - took a lot of my time! I enjoyed the convenience of placing an order and receiving it right at my office! No trip to the store - yet I could bring home a lot of delicious meals or treats.

Back then, our favorite treat was the Confetti Cake Ice Cream! It is like you're eating a piece of birthday cake that is actually ice cream. So yummy!  This year, I think I'm going for the Summer's Dream Ice Cream.  It looks so refreshing!  I've also been on an orange kick.  Orange everything!

We have a tradition of baking cinnamon rolls every Sunday morning.  They are delicious and it help our Sunday morning's to go more smoothly.  We usually buy whichever brand is on sale that week - so I think I'll use the coupon link below to try out these mouthwatering cinnamon rolls!

How do you save money by ordering online?  Leave a comment and share your time-saving and money-saving tips!  

Thinking of using Schwan's Home Delivery to make your Summer roll a little smoother?  Use codes CHIARA2 and SARAS2 to save up to $10 off and 5% back and help your Summer budget as well!