Different family holidays around the world

Friday, June 21, 2013

When I was young, I was fascinated when I realized how very different people and places around the world were from each other.  Sure, I had seen movies and books that displayed the variety of ways in which people live their lives - but it was never real to me until I noticed it on family vacations.  Even the fact that some countries use the word 'holiday' in place of our word 'vacation' was so fascinating to me!

When we would return to school in the Fall, I remember enjoying hearing about the trips that the other children had taken with their families.  There were so many places to choose from and everyone seemed to have had a lot of fun.  I still enjoy hearing about the places that other families choose to visit! 

One of our family vacations during the 1980's
There are so many ways in which people relax and spend their vacations -  I loved hearing how things were very different in each location.  I remember first realizing the differences for myself during a family vacation where we visited Southern states.  I may have only been seven years old when made that long road trip from Indiana to Florida - but I remember a lot of it very well.  How could the long car ride, scrunched up beside my brother and sister ever be forgotten?

Simply arriving in Florida was amazing to me.  I loved being in a new place with different sites to see.  On this trip, I had my first glimpse of the ocean and my first trip to Disney World.  I was so amazed at the enormity of Disney World.  I remember thinking "How can any one place be so big?". 

Another part of that trip that stands out in my memory was a tour we had taken of a timeshare/resort.  This was also very fascinating to me.  This was an entire area that was dedicated to fun activities and leisure! 

Now, I am the parent that is largely in charge of planning our family vacations/holidays.  In fact, we may take an August holiday this year.  I know - we took one earlier this year!  However, being away with my family is one of my most treasured events each year.  I would take a trip with them each month if we were able.
Taking on the job of planning the family trips can be quite a task!  Finding lodging, restaurants and activities can sometimes be difficult when you haven't previously been to an area.  I find myself browsing various resorts around the U.S. and across the world - in search of fun holiday camps such as Butlins.  We haven't yet tried a large resort such as Butlins, but I hope to in the near future.  Having activities and entertainment readily available would certainly help put the leisure into my part of the vacation.

What types of places and sites do you like to visit on your family vacations?