Day out with Thomas 2013!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Joey loves trains.  He also loves the color blue.  Which makes Thomas the Tank Engine quite possibly the most amazing thing in the world.  He has many Thomas toys and trains - which are often chugging through the house.  So what could be better than an day out with Thomas and taking a ride on Thomas? 

Joey grew more excited as we neared the trains station and caught a glimpse of that big blue engine!  It really is amazing to see Thomas the Tank Engine come to life.  I mean, it's a large blue engine!  It's Thomas - chugging down the tracks - right before your eyes!

We arrived and quickly checked-in to pick up our boarding passes.  As you can imagine, Thomas is very popular - so there were a lot of people there to see him that day.  I like that they planned the local event over the course of two weeks and you receive scheduled times to board.  This keeps the entire outing very organized and from being overly crowded.

You will still want to arrive early when you go to a Day Out With Thomas.  It's likely that your local station will have activities planned to entertain and educate you and the kids while you wait for your boarding time.

As you can see, we were able to ride in the train car just behind Thomas!  Joey loved that!  After we boarded - we caught a glimpse of Sir Topham Hat greeting everyone and taking pictures.

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