A new vehicle...

Friday, June 7, 2013

The decision to purchase a new vehicle is usually one that comes with a lot of weight.  Vehicles are not inexpensive and there are so many factors that go into making your choice.  Since 2008 (yes, 5 years) I have been discussing the purchase of a new vehicle with Dan.  For quite some time, I had my heart set on purchasing a blue mini-van.  Though at times, I think my children need to be separated by the space of a 15 passenger van.  Perhaps even a small bus.

We have put off the purchase because neither of our cars were really in a position where they wouldn't run.  When we make a purchase, we use it until we have no more use for it.  So, taking away from our savings or adding a car payment has been difficult for us to warrant.

A few months ago, we came to the conclusion that the Fall/Winter of 2013 would be a good time to get a new vehicle.  As that time draws closer - I become more guilt ridden with the thought of spending the money.  I also hate to say 'goodbye' to a vehicle that has been so good to me for 12 years.

Yesterday, my son told me that daddy's car was better than mine.

"Oh yeah?!"  I thought.  "I guess you'll learn when daddy's car dies on the side of the road and mine takes you to college Mr. 5 year old!"

Overprotective of my car?  Just a bit.

I've even convinced myself that once I do finally make that move and get a new vehicle... that I will "bless" my husband with my old car.  This way, I haven't really lost my car... right?

Moments like that remind me that I am not resolute in my decision.  If the 5 years of talking about it hadn't already clued me in.

I will most likely still be driving my current car next June.  I can see that happening.

Though I thought I knew what I wanted in a new(er) vehicle - I'm at a stage of confusion.  It is quite possible that I am subconsciously ruining our plans to avoid all of my guilt.

Do I want a mini-van or a large SUV?

Perhaps I should stick with a mid-size sedan due to gas prices skyrocketing?

I have really become fond of black vehicles over the blue.  Does that even really matter?

My car is running fine - so long as I can keep shady mechanics away from her... why purchase another vehicle?

I would love a navigation system but do I need it?

The kids want a rear-entertainment-system... how necessary is that, really? 

Leather interior?  Yes please!  Oh, nevermind - that is costly.


So, share your thoughts with me!

Am I the only one who behaves this way when it is time to consider a new vehicle?

What are the things you look for in a new vehicle?  

What is the most important factor when you make this type of purchase?