A Mother's Pure Wisdom

Thursday, June 20, 2013

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Mom and her granddaughters.
I have often remarked that if I could be half as good as my mother is - then I would be an amazing person. She has been my most treasured source of comfort and wisdom.

No matter my situation or her inconvenience - she has been there when I have needed her.  Whether it was a homesick call from college or a midnight trip to the emergency room with a sick infant - she has always been available and willing to help me through.

 She has offered so much helpful advice throughout the years - but the suggestions I hear most often are efforts in encouraging me to take good care of myself.  As mothers, we can easily overlook all the care and nutrition we need - so that we can focus on those who need us.

She is always reminding me to take my vitamins and to drink plenty of water.  She has always know the importance of hydration.  If I am beginning to feel rundown or exhausted - she is always reminding me to fuel my body with proper hydration... water!  My kids always return from her house with a bottle of water - I love her efforts for keeping kids hydrated!   

I can always count on her to have a bottle of water on hand.  She keeps a good supply and has taught me to do the same.  Before water bottles were available in stores - she always kept a supply of cool refreshing water in our refrigerator.  I can remember pulling that glass pitcher out on hot days and pouring a cup for my dad who would be outside working in the yard. 

With such a history of encouraging her family to stay hydrated and to drink plenty of water - I'm sure that my mother will appreciate the Nestlé® Pure Life® Hydration Movement

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